Connect! How to Use Data and Digital Marketing to Create Lifetime Customers

Work-Life Balance

I’ve enjoyed writing books and I think I’ve written some that have helped thousands of people, but this book was both a lot of fun, I got to work with two great co-authors, Lars Petersen and Chris Nash, and this book will change the world of marketing.   Connect is the marketer’s guide to becoming […]

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Easy and Awesome Infographics and Stock Photo Designer for Use with Excel and PowerPoint

Charts , Dashboards , Excel , Presentation Skills

For those of us who aren’t graphic designers, but need to create backgrounds, infographics or designs with stock photos, icons, and symbols, there’s a great free tool, gives us all drag-and-drop graphics, images, infographic design and access to 1,000,000 stock photos at almost zero costs. But, there are a few provisos… In the […]

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Creating Dynamic Excel Chart Legends that Link to Worksheet Cells

Charts , Dashboards , Excel

Want to create Excel chart legends that show additional information? Wouldn’t it be great to have a multiline legend that has notes in it. Just add a dynamic legend that updates when worksheet data updates. It’s pretty easy to make a chart like this one that shows custom legends in a cell and that has […]

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Creating Dynamic Excel Chart Titles that Link to Worksheet Cells

Charts , Dashboards , Excel

You don’t have to settle for Excel’s static chart titles. Your Excel chart titles can be dynamic and link to cell contents. When the worksheet changes, the title changes. They can even have multiple lines that include dynamic data. Link Chart Titles to a Worksheet Cell It’s not hard to link worksheet cells to a […]

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How to Protect Yourself Against the Heartbleed Internet SSL Security Failure

Time Management and Personal Productivity

The Heartbleed bug can affect anyone that has used a “secure” website like Amazon, eBay, PayPal, your bank, your investments, etc. in the last year. Basically that little green “lock” symbol up in the URL of secure websites doesn’t work and has had a “hole” in it for over a year. The hole was just […]

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Creating Dynamic Excel Timelines That Scroll

Analysis , Charts , Dashboards , Excel , Excel Project Management , Project Management , Project Management , Time Management , Time Management and Personal Productivity

Last week’s newsletter described how to create a static event timeline in an Excel chart. In this article you’ll learn how to make the timeline dynamic so you can scroll the timeline through a database of events or project due dates. Timelines are great for project management in Excel, event management, and editorial or marketing […]

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Adding the Developer Tab to the Excel Ribbon

Excel , VBA

Reading this will teach you one of the secret incantations need to move from mid-level Excel user to Excel power user. Hidden to the eyes of novice and mid-level Excel users is the Developer tab. It holds tools that give you extra Excel power – the power to add check boxes to turn IF statements […]

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Selecting Hard-to-Click Chart Elements

Charts , Dashboards , Excel , Tips

In complex charts it may not always be easy to select the specific chart element you want to delete or format. This is especially true when trying to select a specific data point, for example, one small dot out of fifty. Here are a couple of tips to help with selecting chart elements. If you’re […]

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Excel Chart Shortcut Key

Charts , Excel , Shortcuts , Tips

Using an Excel chart shortcut key makes it quick and easy to create and view a chart. If you like what you see, then you can just as quickly move it to any worksheet you select. To quickly create a chart in Excel, select a cell in the data you want charted. If the block […]

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Do Non-Profit Balanced Scorecards Need a Finance Perspective?

Balanced Scorecard , Strategy

Building a Balanced Scorecard for non-profit organizations isn’t as straightforward as it is for businesses. Hospitals, educational organizations, municipal governments, and government agencies aren’t usually driven by the profit motive. The finance perspective of the Balanced Scorecard seems to be a stumbling block. So where does “finance” fit in a non-profit and how do you […]

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