Telling the Story Behind Your Data – Awesome Videos with Hans Rosling

Charts , Communication Skills , Dashboards , Excel , Metrics and Measures , Presentation Skills

If you want to make an impact, you have to put a gripping story behind your data. You can have earth shattering data, incredible statistical analysis, and even beautiful charts and visuals, but if you can’t put a gripping story behind it your audience won’t remember and won’t act. If you want to see how […]

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Finding the Right Metrics for Your Excel Dashboard

Analysis , Charts , Dashboards , Excel , Excel Project Management , Metrics and Measures

I’ve noticed that dashboards often get started when a manager says something like, “We have to get a handle on these numbers. Let’s make an Excel dashboard so we can all see the trends and changes.” The question that follows is, “Should we track the same metrics?” To which someone else asks, “Well what metrics […]

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Experiment in Excel with Sample Census Data

Analysis , Excel , Metrics and Measures

Creating sample data files to experiment with in Excel is about as much fun as weeding the lawn. So to give you a little more time in your day here’s a link to an inflation adjusted census file used in dashboard examples in the book. If you want to change the data so it looks […]

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Creating Cascading Drop-Down Menus in Excel

Charts , Dashboards , Excel

What do you do when you want to give users the ability to select from 20 or more choices in an Excel drop-down or combo box? Even giving them more than 12 in a drop-down menu can get messy and it increases the chance of a data entry error. When you have long lists or […]

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Beware of Excel and Complex PDFs

Excel , Tips

Warnings on Using Adobe Acrobat I’ve only written 26 technical/business books and done performance consulting for 30+ years so you’d think I’d know better by now to do more extensive testing before writing about something. But in “Balanced Scorecards and Operational Dashboards with Microsoft Excel” I wrote about using Adobe Acrobat to use PDF files […]

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Balanced Scorecards – 28% ROI Increase

Balanced Scorecard , Strategy

This long term study by two independent professors matches companies that use Balanced Scorecards against those that don’t. Across 42 matched pairs of companies those using a Balanced Scorecard increase their financial performance by approximately 28%, but it doesn’t happen right away. It comes up once in a while. You might be swapping business stories […]

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