Do You Set Up Your Teams for Checklist Failure? 6 Steps to Checklist Success

Checklist , Communication Skills , Personal Performance , Team Performance

Checklists reduce death rates in hospitals by almost half, yet most hospitals fail when trying to use them. You might not be working in a hospital, but what they leaned will improve your teams… In any given surgical procedure, the number of steps and procedures that must be followed exactly can be huge. The chances […]

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I didn’t get killed or crash the jet, but blindly following the checklist…

Checklist , Communication Skills , Work-Life

I didn’t get killed or crash the jet, but blindly following the checklist without considering the context created my most embarrassing moment. It was a typical summer afternoon at the US Air Force base in Arizona where as a lieutenant I was learning to fly a twin-engine jet. A “typical summer day” for Arizona means […]

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The Best Excel Checklist

Checklist , Excel , Formatting , Personal Performance , Productivity Improvement

This Excel checklist template has a lot of features. It’s easy to create and modify and it could save you from serious mistakes. If you or your co-workers do important, repetitive tasks where a missed step could cause injury, failure, or serious problems, then you need to use a checklist. Download the Best Excel Checklist […]

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Top 5 Best Excel Funnel Charts Sales and Marketing Love — One Funnel Chart You Should Never Use — And Two Dynamic Funnel Charts in PowerPoint!

Charts , Excel , Functions , Reporting , Tips , Top Best Tips

This blog will show you five different ways to make funnel charts in Excel and two ways to link Excel funnel chart data into PowerPoint slides. Funnel charts are a favorite of marketing and sales for showing the volume and progress through different stages of the customer journey, from initial contacts, to qualified leads, to prospects […]

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This Pareto Chart in Excel Could Get You Promoted

Career , Charts , Dashboards , Excel , Pivot Table and PowerPivot , Productivity Improvement

There are two or three charts that every business person must know. Arguably two of the top ones are the break-even chart and the burn down chart. My vote for the third chart is Pareto’s Rule, the 80/20 Rule. This chart is the god of productivity improvement. Pareto’s Rule, and its chart, shows you where […]

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The Top 17 Best Business and Personal Productivity Tips

Charts , Creativity , Dashboards , Decision Making , Excel , Four Quadrant Model , Goals and Objectives , Strategy , Strategy Map , SWOT Analysis and Action Plan , SWOT Analysis and Action Plan , Time Management , Tips , Top Best Tips

Last week’s newsletter contained the Top 25 Excel Dashboard Tips by page views from the last 15 months of Critical to Success. This week’s list has the 17 Most Popular Personal Productivity and Business Performance Tips from the last 15 months. A few of these productivity and performance tips are in both lists, because they use Excel […]

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Top 25 Best Excel Dashboard and Chart Tips for 2015

Charts , Dashboards , Excel , Tips , Top Best Tips

Tony Robbins and other performance gurus who strive to improve personal performance teach that one of the most powerful ways to improve ourselves is by modeling. Modeling is watching others so you can learn how they perform a task better, then modeling our behavior after theirs. These are the top 25 best Excel dashboard tips […]

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Top 30 Best Excel Chart and Dashboard Tips in the “Excel Chart and Dashboard Quick Reference Guide”

Charts , Dashboards , Excel , Tips , Top Best Tips

Get your free copy now of the Excel Chart and Dashboard Quick Reference Guide. Quick Reference Excel Charts and Dashboards – US Letter Quick Reference Excel Charts and Dashboards – A4 Critical to Success now has over 4,000 subscribers with 72% of you consistently opening and using its tips and tools. That is so Awesome! It makes me […]

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How to Think and Write More Clearly using Four Word and PowerPoint Shortcut Keys and One Menu Choice

Communication Skills , Creativity

After 27 books and a bazillion PowerPoint slides I’ve learned the best way for me to write is just to get my thoughts down as quickly as possible, reorganize them, then let the stuff simmer over night. The next morning is the best time for me to give it a strong edit, cutting as much […]

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How to Build a Super-Memory for Business

Learning to Learn

I was a noob, not long out of the Air Force holding a newly-minted MBA. He was the wise and experienced CEO of one of the world’s largest computer chip companies. Somehow, I’d been selected to escort him through the world’s largest computer convention and brief him on competitors in one of the markets we […]

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