Speed Reading Non-Fiction Books and Remembering What is Critical to Success

Learning to Learn

If you are like most business professionals you have little time or energy after work for reading non-fiction, all those books you know would help your career, your life, your future. But, there is a way to read, and enjoy it, and even remember what you have read when you need it. I still remember […]

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Do You Have What It Takes? The Skills 1,261 Recruiters Value Most

Career , Communication Skills , Creativity , Decision Making , Personal Performance , Strategy , Work-Life

Bloomberg Business reporters Francesca Levy and Christopher Cannon completed the Bloomberg annual survey of which job skills are most valued in managers. They reported their results on Bloomberg.com on February 9, 2016. I thought this was something you might find of value in your career and learning decisions. I hope you do find it of […]

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Time and Project Management with an Even More Advanced Gantt Chart in Excel

Charts , Excel , Excel Project Management , Project Management , Project Management , Time Management

This advanced Gantt Chart in Excel has the basic scrolling Gantt Chart and custom weekends and holidays, but it also includes alerts for percent complete, email links to task leads, Work Breakdown Structure numbering (WBS), and filters to show only the tasks and date ranges you want. If you are managing personal tasks or small […]

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Time and Project Management with an Advanced Gantt Chart in Excel

Charts , Excel , Excel Project Management , Functions , Project Management , Project Management , Time Management

This tutorial shows you how to take the basic Excel Gantt Chart and add conditional formatting so the Gantt chart shows today’s date, custom holidays, and custom weekends. Changing the WORKDAYS.INTL function will also adjust the end date to account for non-working custom weekends and holidays. A Gantt Chart in Excel is a powerful way […]

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How to Build a Gantt Chart in Excel

Charts , Dashboards , Excel , Excel Project Management , Functions , Project Management , Project Management

Gantt charts help you track the progress of tasks in a project. This and the following tutorials will show you how to create a Gantt chart in Excel and then enhance it with robust features. The tutorial starts with a simple Gantt chart using conditional formatting and a few functions and evolves into a project […]

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Microsoft Excel 2016 Charts and Analytics: Are You Ready? Can You Wait?

Charts , Excel

Microsoft Excel 2016 was released September 22, 2015. Do you need its new charts and a few analytics gadgets it has added? I’m not so sure. However, if you work with teams there are some enterprise collaboration features that will make life less frustrating. (It works on Windows 7 SP 1 or later.) Overall, the […]

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PowerPivot and Power View for Excel 2013

Analysis , Charts , Dashboards , Excel , Pivot Table and PowerPivot

If you are using PowerPivot for Excel 2010, then click here. The following collections of links and resources will help you go from short video overviews of PowerPivot and Power View capability to being fairly proficient. Video Overview of Excel 2013 PowerPivot and Power View Here’s a collection of short videos from Microsoft on Excel […]

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Excel 2010 PowerPivot

Analysis , Charts , Dashboards , Excel , Pivot Table and PowerPivot

To learn more about PowerPivot and PowerView for Excel 2013, click here. If you have Excel 2010 you have access to Power Pivot, but not Power View. Just the capabilities of Power Pivot make it an extremely powerful tool that any power Excel user has to be familiar with. The ribbon has slight differences from […]

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Vertically Scrolling Dynamic Sparklines Alongside a Database

Charts , Dashboards , Excel , Formulas , Functions

This Excel tutorial combines INDEX and Sparklines to create a window of vertically scrolling data and scrolling Sparklines. The “scrolling window” looks into a much larger database. The result is a very functional reporting technique that is cool and takes little space in Excel reports or dashboards. If you put the large database in a […]

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How do Sparklines work with Non-Numeric or Hidden Data?

Charts , Dashboards , Excel , Tips

Make sure you know how Sparklines work when their range includes non-numeric or hidden data. The data in the cell is the Sparkline Non-numeric ignores data and plots through non-numeric #NA ignores #NA and plots through #NA Blanks plots a blank Zero plots as zero Empty cells shows empty cells as you specify. See below. […]

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