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Do You Set Up Your Teams for Checklist Failure? 6 Steps to Checklist Success

Checklist , Communication Skills , Personal Performance , Team Performance

Checklists reduce death rates in hospitals by almost half, yet most hospitals fail when trying to use them. You might not be working in a hospital, but what they leaned will improve your teams… In any given surgical procedure, the number of steps and procedures that must be followed exactly can be huge. The chances […]

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I didn’t get killed or crash the jet, but blindly following the checklist…

Checklist , Communication Skills , Work-Life

I didn’t get killed or crash the jet, but blindly following the checklist without considering the context created my most embarrassing moment. It was a typical summer afternoon at the US Air Force base in Arizona where as a lieutenant I was learning to fly a twin-engine jet. A “typical summer day” for Arizona means […]

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How to Think and Write More Clearly using Four Word and PowerPoint Shortcut Keys and One Menu Choice

Communication Skills , Creativity

After 27 books and a bazillion PowerPoint slides I’ve learned the best way for me to write is just to get my thoughts down as quickly as possible, reorganize them, then let the stuff simmer over night. The next morning is the best time for me to give it a strong edit, cutting as much […]

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Do You Have What It Takes? The Skills 1,261 Recruiters Value Most

Career , Communication Skills , Creativity , Decision Making , Personal Performance , Strategy , Work-Life

Bloomberg Business reporters Francesca Levy and Christopher Cannon completed the Bloomberg annual survey of which job skills are most valued in managers. They reported their results on on February 9, 2016. I thought this was something you might find of value in your career and learning decisions. I hope you do find it of […]

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Connect Emotion and Analytics To Get Action and Impact

Charts , Dashboards , Presentation Skills

You can have great analysis and good answers, but if you can’t communicate and create action your work could be futile. I used to make presentations with the attitude, “Here’s the numbers. Here’s the decision I’d recommend. Questions?” That style doesn’t cut it if you want to make an impact. You have to connect the […]

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Easy and Awesome Infographics and Stock Photo Designer for Use with Excel and PowerPoint

Charts , Dashboards , Excel , Presentation Skills

For those of us who aren’t graphic designers, but need to create backgrounds, infographics or designs with stock photos, icons, and symbols, there’s a great free tool, gives us all drag-and-drop graphics, images, infographic design and access to 1,000,000 stock photos at almost zero costs. But, there are a few provisos… In the […]

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Telling the Story Behind Your Data – Awesome Videos with Hans Rosling

Charts , Communication Skills , Dashboards , Excel , Metrics and Measures , Presentation Skills

If you want to make an impact, you have to put a gripping story behind your data. You can have earth shattering data, incredible statistical analysis, and even beautiful charts and visuals, but if you can’t put a gripping story behind it your audience won’t remember and won’t act. If you want to see how […]

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