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Top 21 Best VLOOKUP Tips and Tricks

Excel , Formulas , Functions , Tips , Top Best Tips

Use VLOOKUP to find and retrieve data from an Excel list. This list of the top 21 best VLOOKUP tips will take you from novice to master in retrieving data from Excel lists. You can use VLOOKUP to, Look up prices, names, or regions from a list Use one item to find related items in […]

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Show or Hide Data and Charts with Dynamic Excel Reports

Excel , Reporting , VBA

With a few simple lines of Excel VBA your static Excel reports can become dynamic. A single click shows or hides charts, objects, or rows and columns. Dynamic Excel reports give your users the ability to show or hide specific parts of reports, such as selected sales regions or to expand a table to show […]

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Top 29 Best Pivot Table Tips

Analysis , Excel , Formatting , Pivot Table and PowerPivot , Top Best Tips

It is easy to say that Pivot Tables and Power Pivot are the two most powerful features in Excel. I don’t mean time saving as with Excel VBA macros, but rather they are powerful because the decisions made from Pivot Table (and Power Pivot) results drive key business decisions. I’ve built tons of Pivot Tables […]

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Speedup Excel VBA Macros with Protect UserInterFaceOnly

Excel , Tips

Many Excel macros run on protected worksheets. If you use the little piece of VBA code in this article they will run a lot faster. Let me give you an example. I just finished a very robust Return on Investment calculator that has seven sheets of data entry, revenue forecasts, and output reports. It uses […]

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Speedup Excel Performance

Excel , Tips

Regain faster performance with Excel 2013 (or newer versions) by turning off spreadsheet animation. Excel 2013 and newer versions use animation to make cell movements, filling cells, and even recalculation look smooth and fluid. For example, with animation filling a column with numbers makes the numbers appear to flow down the column. With animation on […]

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Download the Top 25 Best Dashboard Design Tips Sheet PDF

Dashboards , Excel , Tips , Top Best Tips

A lot of readers were interested in the Top 25 Best Dashboard Design Tips article. It had the second highest newsletter readership. To make it easier to access these tips when you design dashboards, just click here to download a PDF with links, Top 25 Best Dashboard Design tip sheet. Keep it in your “Best Practices” […]

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The Top 25 Best Tips on Excel Dashboards

Charts , Dashboards , Excel , Metrics and Measures , Tips , Top Best Tips

This is a collection of tips that will help you create powerful Excel dashboards. This ranked list started by collecting the top Excel dashboard tips from multiple search engine pages. After aggregated the tips I ranked them for usefulness based on 30 years of experience developing Excel dashboards and strategic performance projects. 1. Talk to Users. Build […]

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Would You Like to Spy on Your Neighbor’s Dashboards? Here’s How.

Charts , Dashboards , Excel

Have you ever wanted to see how others have designed a dashboard? Or what another organization’s Balanced Scorecard looks like? Come on. I know you have. Why learn things from scratch when you can stand on the shoulders of other good ideas. Seeing how others approach a problem can show you where you forgot something […]

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The Best Excel Checklist

Checklist , Excel , Formatting , Personal Performance , Productivity Improvement

This Excel checklist template has a lot of features. It’s easy to create and modify and it could save you from serious mistakes. If you or your co-workers do important, repetitive tasks where a missed step could cause injury, failure, or serious problems, then you need to use a checklist. Download the Best Excel Checklist […]

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Top 5 Best Excel Funnel Charts Sales and Marketing Love — One Funnel Chart You Should Never Use — And Two Dynamic Funnel Charts in PowerPoint!

Charts , Excel , Functions , Reporting , Tips , Top Best Tips

This blog will show you five different ways to make funnel charts in Excel and two ways to link Excel funnel chart data into PowerPoint slides. Funnel charts are a favorite of marketing and sales for showing the volume and progress through different stages of the customer journey, from initial contacts, to qualified leads, to prospects […]

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