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Do You Set Up Your Teams for Checklist Failure? 6 Steps to Checklist Success

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Checklists reduce death rates in hospitals by almost half, yet most hospitals fail when trying to use them. You might not be working in a hospital, but what they leaned will improve your teams… In any given surgical procedure, the number of steps and procedures that must be followed exactly can be huge. The chances […]

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I didn’t get killed or crash the jet, but blindly following the checklist…

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I didn’t get killed or crash the jet, but blindly following the checklist without considering the context created my most embarrassing moment. It was a typical summer afternoon at the US Air Force base in Arizona where as a lieutenant I was learning to fly a twin-engine jet. A “typical summer day” for Arizona means […]

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The Best Excel Checklist

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This Excel checklist template has a lot of features. It’s easy to create and modify and it could save you from serious mistakes. If you or your co-workers do important, repetitive tasks where a missed step could cause injury, failure, or serious problems, then you need to use a checklist. Download the Best Excel Checklist […]

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