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I didn’t get killed or crash the jet, but blindly following the checklist…

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I didn’t get killed or crash the jet, but blindly following the checklist without considering the context created my most embarrassing moment. It was a typical summer afternoon at the US Air Force base in Arizona where as a lieutenant I was learning to fly a twin-engine jet. A “typical summer day” for Arizona means […]

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Do You Have What It Takes? The Skills 1,261 Recruiters Value Most

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Bloomberg Business reporters Francesca Levy and Christopher Cannon completed the Bloomberg annual survey of which job skills are most valued in managers. They reported their results on on February 9, 2016. I thought this was something you might find of value in your career and learning decisions. I hope you do find it of […]

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The Trapeze Theory of Change – Great Dashboards Don’t Help if Nothing Changes

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As readers of Critical to Success I’m going to assume you are interested in improving your own performance and productivity and that of your organization. To do that you usually have to help people and cultures improve their performance and that is difficult. CHANGE IS DIFFICULT. Thankfully, there are some Leadership Tools that help. This […]

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Excel FUNC-tions (Parody of Uptown Funk)

Excel , Work-Life

What do you get when you concatenate soul music, jazz, and R&B? You get Uptown Funk. But, this version has an Excel Func-tions flavor. You have never seen or heard Excel like this! This is not your normal Excel video tutorial. Pass it on! You are in the Critical to Success newsletter on Excel, productivity, and […]

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What a month! I apologize to you for not getting tips to you that could help your careers. I’ve got a stack of helpful tips and tools that I wasn’t able to get to, but now I can start publishing again. It has been an amazing thirty days. Have you ever been hit by one […]

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Connect! How to Use Data and Digital Marketing to Create Lifetime Customers


I’ve enjoyed writing books and I think I’ve written some that have helped thousands of people, but this book was both a lot of fun, I got to work with two great co-authors, Lars Petersen and Chris Nash, and this book will change the world of marketing.   Connect is the marketer’s guide to becoming […]

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