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Decision Making and Problem Solving Blogs

Problem solving and decision making are keys to business success but, you can't just shoot from the hip. It takes a combination of management science, experienced intuition, and innovation to find the best solution, not just a solution.

Topics in the decision making, problem solving blog include,

  • Generating multiple possible solutions using sticky note brainstorming
  • Evaluating decisions based on business criteria using a four-quadrant matrix
  • Identifying the best decision using a weighted Excel decision matrix
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Use an Excel-Based Decision Matrix for Critical Decisions
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Best Practice Brainstorming
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Most Brainstorming is Worthless when It Could be Awesome!
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Post-It ®Notes – Power Tools for the Brain
3M Post-It® notes are like power tools for the brain. Actually, a better metaphor is that they are power tools[...]
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