Putting Your Organization’s Core Values into Practice

Consulting Tools and Frameworks

Don’t just post Core Values in a frame and hang them on the wall! Executives and managers should live by the Core Values and watch for alignment between the Core Values and behavior.

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Here are a few ways in which you can reinforce core values in your organization,

  • As part of your hiring process present interviewees with scenarios where they must decide what they would do. Make the scenario one that forces the prospect to make a decision based on core values in your organization.
  • Ask prospects to give real world examples of how they have demonstrated two or three of your Core Values. For example, “Can you tell me about an innovative solution you came up with that improved your work in your last job?” “Can you tell me how you stopped your work to help someone become better at their work?”
  • As part of your quarterly review process (I hope it is at least quarterly), rate people on how they live and work in alignment with your organization’s core values. Ratings that are either positive or negative outliers must give an example that explains the rating.
  • As part of your strategy and tactics process include asking whether the actions proposed meet your organization’s your core values?
  • At corporate presentations, executives should tell how individuals have upheld the organization’s core values.