Aligning Excel Charts and Objects on a Worksheet


If you want professional looking dashboards you need to make sure that charts and objects you draw align with each other and with cell contents. Your charts and objects should have corners aligned and most objects should be the same size. Even if you have hidden the grid lines it’s a snap to get things lined up once you know this trick.

To get any corner of a chart or object to snap to the corners of cells,

  1. Select the chart or object. Small “handles” will appear at each corner of the object.
  2. Hold down the Alt key.
  3. Drag the “handle” at the corner you want to align until the handle “snaps” in alignment with a cell corner. Usually it’s easiest to align the top left corner, then align the bottom right corner. You also can drag objects on the sheet and the top left or right corners of the object will jump into alignment with cell corners.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could get the rest of life in alignment that easily?