Deliver Your Consulting Services Online

Consulting Tools , Online Business Consulting

Independent consultants and freelancers must become experts in delivering their services online. Many major corporations are moving large percentages of their workforce out of the office. Working from home is proving to be highly effective for many computer-enabled businesses. Working from home is more efficient and cost-effective than spending hours commuting or flying thousands of miles […]

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Tips for Consulting in a Recession

Consulting in a Recession

These tips will not only help you survive during the pandemic and its economic downturn, they will help you thrive and accelerate as communities and the economy recover. Quick Navigation Plan for the Long TermControl Expenses and Manage FinancesReexamine and Refocus Your NicheHelp Clients Manage PainEngage, Engage, EngageMarket, Market, MarketMove Your Consulting OnlineRepackage and RepriceRe-Skill […]

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Consultants Have Four Paths in the Recession – Which Path Will You Take?

Building a Consulting Business , Consulting in a Recession , Online Business Consulting

This article could help your consulting or professional business survive the recession and thrive during the recovery.You need to have a most-probable model of how long the economy will take to come back and what shape that come back will take. Having an idea of how it will recover will help you plan your budget, […]

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Consult Remotely Online with Zoom Privacy Settings

Consulting Tools , Online Business Consulting

Great consultants are agile. Agility is even more important if we are to serve our clients and engage new prospects during this time of crisis. Click to Start and Build Your Consulting One of the tools that helps, especially for remote consulting, is Zoom, an online meeting app that is inexpensive and easy to use. […]

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How to Get Testimonials that Promote Your Consulting Services

03 Promoting Consulting Services , Starting a Consulting Business

Want great marketing for your consulting services? Use testimonials! The most powerful, believable marketing comes from testimonials from someone in our “tribe.” When you need to buy a solution you want to make the right decision. So what do you do? You research alternatives and then look for confirmation with testimonials.How to Promote Your Consulting Services with TestimonialsTestimonials […]

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Types of Consulting Retainers and How They Work

06 Writing Consulting Retainers and Proposals , Building a Consulting Business

Summary Consultants use two types of retainers to guarantee accessibility to their clients, Pay for Skill (work) and Pay for Judgement (decision making) Retainers build stable streams of income for the consultant and build loyalty with a client Retainers are difficult to sell unless you have high trust and are in a niche that is […]

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How to Be a Consultant with No Experience

Starting a Consulting Business

“How can I become a consultant with no experience?” You can ask that question and use it as an obstacle, or you can use it to find and build the steppingstones to a life with greater independence, satisfaction, and income. There’s a lot of reasons a career as a consultant attracts people. Surveys consistently show that consultants […]

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12 Tips on How to Sell Consulting Services with LinkedIn

04 Getting Consulting Clients , Starting a Consulting Business

Nearly every consultant faces the dreaded Feast-or-Famine cycle. Consulting business slow-downs hit hard in the summer and over the winter holidays when your contacts and decision makers are away and when budgets are changing. To fill your prospect pipeline you could hire an agency to build a list of leads for $800 to $3,500 per month. That’s […]

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Are You Getting Maximum Marketing Impact at Your Stage of Consulting?

03 Promoting Consulting Services , 04 Getting Consulting Clients , 07 Marketing Consulting Services , 08 Creating Multiple Streams of Income , Building a Consulting Business , Starting a Consulting Business

Filling your prospect pipeline takes more than marketing and networking. To do it right, you need to do the right type of marketing at the right stage in building your consulting business. In 30+ years of solo-consulting to regional, Fortune 1000 and Global 1000 companies, I have seen expert consultants lose traction and fail to […]

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Are You as Satisfied as Most Consultants?

Starting a Consulting Business , Work Life

The large majority of consultants or freelancers, 90%, love what they do and are highly satisfied with their work. The percentage of people working as consultants, business coaches, and full-time freelancers is growing rapidly. And the reasons for growth are more than just the high incomes. Multiple surveys over the last few years have shown that independent […]

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