Naming and Saving Your Consulting Research as Collections of Browser Tabs

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Have you ever done hours of research on the web, created a collection of tabs with the info you need, and then had to repeat your work as you try to find them all a few days later? Wouldn’t it be great if you could name and save a collection of tabs in a Chrome browser? 

To save a named collection of tabs open in a Chrome browser, follow these steps,

1. Arrange open tabs in the order you want. Close unwanted tabs.

2. Press Ctrl+Shift+D (Apple+Shift+D) to open the Bookmark All Tabs dialog box.


3. If you do not have a bookmark folder to hold tab collections, click the New Folder button and create a folder. Give the new folder a category name, like Client Research, because each collection of tabs you store in it will have its own unique name, like ABC Corp New Product.
4. Select the folder to hold your tab collection.
5. In the Name text box, enter a name for your tab collection. You may want to include a date to make management easier, for example, ABC Corp New Product 20190615.
6. Click Save to save all the open tabs into the folder you selected.

To open your collection of saved tabs,

1. Click the folder on the Bookmark bar that holds your collection.

2. Open the tab(s) you want from the collection,
  • To open a single tab, open the folder containing the collection, then click the tab name.
  • To open all tabs in the collection, right-click the folder containing the collection, then select,
    • Open all
    • Open all in new window
    • Open all in incognito window

Bonus Tip...

Ever accidentally close a tab and want to reopen it?

Just press Ctrl+Shift+T (Apple+Shift+T) to reopen the last tab closed. And, if you are very forgetful, like I am some times, press it multiple times.

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