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Consultants Have Four Paths in the Recession – Which Path Will You Take?

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This article could help your consulting or professional business survive the recession and thrive during the recovery.You need to have a most-probable model of how long the economy will take to come back and what shape that come back will take. Having an idea of how it will recover will help you plan your budget, […]

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Types of Consulting Retainers and How They Work

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Summary Consultants use two types of retainers to guarantee accessibility to their clients, Pay for Skill (work) and Pay for Judgement (decision making) Retainers build stable streams of income for the consultant and build loyalty with a client Retainers are difficult to sell unless you have high trust and are in a niche that is […]

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Are You Getting Maximum Marketing Impact at Your Stage of Consulting?

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Filling your prospect pipeline takes more than marketing and networking. To do it right, you need to do the right type of marketing at the right stage in building your consulting business. In 30+ years of solo-consulting to regional, Fortune 1000 and Global 1000 companies, I have seen expert consultants lose traction and fail to […]

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What Makes the Difference Between Average and High Earning Solo-Consultants?

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What Makes the Difference Between Average and High Earning Solo-Consultants?Do you know what high earning solo-consultants do differently from average earning consultants? It takes just a few things to make the difference.​Most consultants are experts in their field, so it is more than the knowledge of their field that makes the difference. Often, it’s just […]

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Are You Earning What You’re Worth as a Consultant?

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Normally this newsletter contains tips on growing your consulting business and improving productivity for solo-professionals. But not this time! It’s the time of year to look at how we are earning compared to our peers. How Does Your Consulting Income Compare?How much does the average, senior, and top-end consultants earn? How do you compare? The charts below […]

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