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Professional Skills

What a month! I apologize to you for not getting tips to you that could help your careers. I’ve got a stack of helpful tips and tools that I wasn’t able to get to, but now I can start publishing again. It has been an amazing thirty days. Have you ever been hit by one […]

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Connect Emotion and Analytics To Get Action and Impact

03 Promoting Consulting Services , Professional Skills

You can have great analysis and good answers, but if you can’t communicate and create action your work could be futile. I used to make presentations with the attitude, “Here’s the numbers. Here’s the decision I’d recommend. Questions?” That style doesn’t cut it if you want to make an impact. You have to connect the […]

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Connect! How to Use Data and Digital Marketing to Create Lifetime Customers

07 Marketing Consulting Services , Professional Skills

I’ve enjoyed writing books and I think I’ve written some that have helped thousands of people, but this book was both a lot of fun, I got to work with two great co-authors, Lars Petersen and Chris Nash, and this book will change the world of marketing. Connect is the marketer’s guide to becoming more […]

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Telling the Story Behind Your Data – Awesome Videos with Hans Rosling

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If you want to make an impact doing a presentation, you have to put a gripping story behind your data. As a consultant you may have reams of data and numbers with a conclusion. It’s unlikely your client will remember all the numbers, but they will remember a great story you tell. You can have […]

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