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How to Get Testimonials that Promote Your Consulting Services

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Want great marketing for your consulting services? Use testimonials! The most powerful, believable marketing comes from testimonials from someone in our “tribe.” When you need to buy a solution you want to make the right decision. So what do you do? You research alternatives and then look for confirmation with testimonials.How to Promote Your Consulting Services with TestimonialsTestimonials […]

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Are You Getting Maximum Marketing Impact at Your Stage of Consulting?

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Filling your prospect pipeline takes more than marketing and networking. To do it right, you need to do the right type of marketing at the right stage in building your consulting business. In 30+ years of solo-consulting to regional, Fortune 1000 and Global 1000 companies, I have seen expert consultants lose traction and fail to […]

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Watch the World Champion of Public Speaking and See How She Captivates for Six Minutes without Slides

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This six-minute speech is not only entertaining and motivating, it illustrates all the major points you need to know as a consultant on how to capture your audience. Notice there are no slides. This presentation style may not fit every situation, but it illustrates many fine points of great public speaking. Ramona Smith, a 31-year old […]

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Connect Emotion and Analytics To Get Action and Impact

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You can have great analysis and good answers, but if you can’t communicate and create action your work could be futile. I used to make presentations with the attitude, “Here’s the numbers. Here’s the decision I’d recommend. Questions?” That style doesn’t cut it if you want to make an impact. You have to connect the […]

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Telling the Story Behind Your Data – Awesome Videos with Hans Rosling

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If you want to make an impact doing a presentation, you have to put a gripping story behind your data. As a consultant you may have reams of data and numbers with a conclusion. It’s unlikely your client will remember all the numbers, but they will remember a great story you tell. You can have […]

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