Creating Custom Date, Number or Percentage Formats


Excel already has many numeric and date formats built into its Format Cells dialog box. But, you can create any format you need, including custom formats for,

  • turning numbers or dates into text
  • displaying the day of the week
  • adding text to numbers
  • making numbers that are invisible
  • turning decimals into fractions
  • adding international currency symbols
  • making characters invisible
  • and many more.

To create a custom numeric or date format,

1. Select the cell where you want to use the custom format. Once you create it you can use it anywhere in the workbook.

2. Right-click and choose Format Cells.

3. Select the Number tab.

Use the TEXT function and custom formats to create any number, currency or date format you want.

Choose Custom in the Category list to enter your own custom number or date format in the Type box.

4. Select Custom in the Category list.

5. Look through the list to see if there is a pre-defined custom format similar to what you need. If so, select it.

6. In the Type text box, edit the numeric or date pattern to create the custom format you need.