Editing TREND and Array Functions


TREND and some other functions that work on an array (a collection) of cells are array formulas. They use an array of cells as data sources and usually output the results into an array of cells. Array formulas are entered by selecting the entire range to receive the resulting array, typing the formula, and then pressing Shift+Ctrl+Enter.

You can’t edit array functions like normal formulas. To edit an array function or formula you must edit the entire array. To do that, follow these steps,

1. Select the entire array of cells containing the array function or formula. You can tell which formulas are array formulas because they are enclosed in { } braces.

2. Press F2 to edit the formula.

3. Make your edits as you would in a normal formula.

4. Reenter the array formula or function by pressing Shift+Ctrl+Enter.

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