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Mynda’s Excel dashboard and Power BI courses are open again!

Mynda only opens her courses a few times each year. Missing these classes will make those end of year dashboards and analytics a lot more work for you.

Take a 20% discount from September 26, 2017 until October 5, 2017 at 20:00 Pacific time on either (or both) of Mynda’s courses. I think so much of her courses I will also send you a print copy of my book (if you are in the USA) or $20 toward an Excel book on Amazon. Now, that’s a deal!

Registration closes October 12, 2017 at 20:00 Pacific time. Miss this registration and you will probably have to wait until January or later, after the new year’s dashboard crunch. 

Checkout the Free One-Hour Excel Dashboard and Microsoft Power BI Webinars

If you are an Excel dashboard user you MUST see Mynda’s free one-hour trainings on Dynamic Excel Dashboards and Microsoft Power BI. The links to her free one-hour trainings on Excel dashboards and Power BI are just below. Businesses that need more power than Excel are moving to Power BI. I highly recommend you at least watch the free Power BI webinar so you can see where the Excel world is moving.

See the free Excel Dashboard webinar

See the free Microsoft Power BI webinar

Mynda only opens these courses to a limited number of students a few times per year because Mynda gives you full support. (The last class started in July 2017.) She is serious about working with people who want to upgrade their professional skills. Mynda gives the only Excel and Microsoft Power BI course I have ever endorsed!

Click here to find out more about the Excel Dashboard course Click here to find out more about the Microsoft Power BI course

Take These Free One-Hour Tutorial Webinars

Whether you sign up for one or both of the full courses, do NOT pass up these two free webinars. If you are an Excel dashboard creator, watch the free Excel dashboard webinar to pick up a few tricks. If you are an Excel user who knows your company could use more powerful analytics and dashboards, then you really should take a look at the free Microsoft Power BI webinar. This is where Microsoft is going. And you can download a free desktop version of Power BI to experiment with.

Not sure which course? Well, if you are quick, you can still catch the free webinars and see both tools in action: Click here to see the free one-hour Excel Dashboard webinar.

Here’s what Ted said about Mynda’s Excel Dashboard webinar,

Wow, Wow and more Wows. I have been using spreadsheets since 1982 starting with VisiCalc. Since 2002, I have taught 7 Excel one day classes that I developed myself. I call myself an Excel junkie. If I don’t get 4 to 5 hours of Excel a day, I get the shakes. Well, you have really shaken my tree.

Click here to see the free one-hour Power BI webinar.

Here’s what Gord said about Mynda’s Power BI webinar,

“Holy (insert expletive)! Relational data handling of MS Access plus graphing capabilities of Excel plus much, much more. That was amazing. Thank you Mynda for yet another informative eye-opener. Truly appreciative of your efforts.”

Excel vs Power BI Dashboards

Most of us are very familiar with Microsoft Excel, Pivot Tables, Power Pivot, and dynamic dashboards. But, you really should check out Power BI if you need,

  • more analytic power (the speed blew me away the first time I used Power BI – I could not believe it!)
  • greater variety of charts and mapping
  • ease of publishing to users nationwide or globally
  • device independence (view it on any device)

Mynda put this list of Pros and Cons together to help you decide whether Excel or Power BI is the right tool for your needs,

If you use Excel Dashboards…

Excel and Excel dashboard skills are in demand. Almost every job position requires Excel knowledge. And having advanced skills is great for career advancement.

Here’s what one of Mynda’s students had to say,

After taking your current dashboard course I designed a couple of dashboards/functioning prototypes and sent them to the Executive Group by way of shameless self-promotion.  Long story short, I got a new position out of it! Fraser McKay

Mynda’s Excel Dashboard course will have you standing out from the crowd in no time, just like Fraser, with the skills to build interactive reports like this amazing Sales and Marketing dashboard. 

If you need more than Excel, check out what you can do in Power BI…

Need more power! Need more charts! Need publishing to anywhere on any device! Checkout Power BI.

Power BI is for the Excel user who is ready for more analytic and charting power with larger data sources.

Amazingly it is easier than in Excel. Power BI Dashboards can do things you simply can’t do in Excel, and it gives you more skills to add to your resume. Thousands of people attended Mynda’s Power BI webinars where she built these two fully interactive dashboards in just one hour. 


Many have already taken her Power BI course and are enjoying the increased power as well as recognition from their boss and co-workers.

Course Format

As a professional, you don’t have a lot of time for the training you need – you’re already overloaded. But Mynda’s online training tutorials are short and to the point, so you can get up to speed quickly.

Her short video chunks also make it easy for you to jump in, watch a quick video, and return to work with the skill you need. Just In Time Training!

The courses are,

  • Online and self-paced
  • Chunked into easily accessed segments
  • Available 24/7
  • Includes certificate of completion (think performance review material)
  • Support provided by Mynda
  • Excel/Power BI files included
  • Video download options available

Click here to sign up for the Excel Dashboard course

Click here to sign up for the Power BI course


I think so much of Mynda’s courses, the only courses I promote, that I will also give you a special bonus. You can get a copy of my print book, Balanced Scorecards and Operational Dashboards with Microsoft Excel Ed. 2, along with 2.7 MB of the book’s sample files. (The print book is only available to those living inside the USA.)

OR, I will send you a $20 gift certificate to Amazon so you can buy one of the other great books from Debra Dalgleish (PivotTables), Allen Wyatt (Excel tip master), or one of Mr. Excel’s Kindle books. Actually, you can spend that $20 on anything.


To get the bonus, simply enter my affiliate code, PERSON, when you register and pay for one or both courses. This lets Mynda know that I owe you a bonus.



in the Coupon Code field in the Shopping Cart on checkout, and then email me your receipt (in the US include your mailing address). Once Mynda verifies everything I’ll send you the book and 2.7 MB of sample files. If you want an Amazon gift certificate, please email me and let me know.

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Disclosure: I make a small commission for each student who joins one of Mynda’s courses. But, I’ve been publishing Critical to Success for four years to high-performance professionals and Mynda’s courses are THE ONLY COURSES I HAVE EVER RECOMMENDED! If what I recommend doesn’t live up to what I’ve promised, you’ll think poorly of me, and that just doesn’t work for me or you.