Get More Work Done – Focus with the Pomodoro Technique

Professional Skills

Pomodoro timer

The age of being a proud multi-tasker has come and gone! Brain function and task efficiency research shows that multi-tasking and being open to interruption makes tasks take longer and produces lower quality results. For effective professional productivity you need to focus.

The Pomodoro Technique is simple to apply and helps you focus on a single-task so you work better and faster. Newsweek listed it as one of the best ways to “Get Smarter in 2012.” The Lifehacker community voted it as the “Most Popular Productivity Method.”

I personally try to start each morning with three Pomodoro cycles focused on tasks with strategic impact.

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Take Aways

  • Break a strategically important project into “chunks”.
  • Give yourself permission to focus on a chunk for 25 minutes, then take a short break.
  • Take a short 5-minute stretch break after each of the first two Pomodoros. After the third, take a 15-minute break.

Action Items

  • Use a visible timer.  Set it for 25 minutes or a time that fits your style.
  • Get Pomodoro apps/timers for your SmartPhone in your Android or iTunes store. 
  • Put up a sign, “On a Project Until 10:00” to stop co-worker distractions.
  • Play a productivity or focus playlist on Spotify to improve focus.
  • Let go of distracting ideas by writing them on a pad nearby to review later.