Blogs: Consulting Frameworks
and Processes

Frameworks and processes are the architecture used to solve the customer's needs. Frameworks are methods of analyzing a businesses situation and ecology. Consultants use a number of standard frameworks to analyze business problems. The processes are methods used to solve problems or standardize the business.

Frameworks and processes blogs include topics such as,

  • Competitive analysis
  • Strategies 
  • Objectives, goals, and key results
  • Action plans

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Frameworks and Processes

Frameworks and Processes

Are You (and Your Consulting Clients) Making the Right Decision the Right Way?
Art: Lea HeinrichFor well over 200 years humans have used tables to help make decisions. Charles Darwin even used a[...]
Ask “Have You Ever…” to Find the Value Your Business or Startup Should Provide
Finding clarity in the value you provide can give you a great sense of focus and energy. Two questions can[...]
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I was shocked earlier this week to see the video of United Airlines forcibly dragging a doctor off one of[...]
Creating Your Core Value Statement
Value statements, rather than being long statements no one can remember, should be concise statements that are so clear everyone[...]
Putting Your Organization’s Core Values into Practice
Don’t just post Core Values in a frame and hang them on the wall! Executives and managers should live by[...]
14 Top Tips for a SWOT Analysis that Works
A good SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats/Trends) identifies factors that impact your Strategic Business Objective, tactic, project, or product.[...]
Top 12 Tips for Success with Your SMART Goals
SMART goals are well-defined goals that can be personal or business focused. These tips will help you create, write, and[...]
Do You Know the Difference! Goals or Objectives? Mission Statements or Vision Statements?
If your meetings use terms like vision and mission, goals and objectives, and strategy and tactics, then I bet some[...]
SMART Goals (Really SMART Objectives)
You hear the term "SMART Goals" as a reminder of how to create clear, well-defined, and easy to communicate. (If[...]
The Trapeze Theory of Change – Great Dashboards Don’t Help if Nothing Changes
As readers of Critical to Success I’m going to assume you are interested in improving your own performance and productivity[...]
Create a Non-Profit, Government, or Healthcare Strategy Map with this PowerPoint Template
This Strategy Map template in PowerPoint can be a powerful tool for success in non-profits, government agencies, municipalities, or healthcare[...]
Create a Strategy Map in PowerPoint with this Template
Strategy Maps are a visual diagram of the relationships between objectives in your strategy. You can modify this Strategy Map[...]
How to Create a SWOT Analysis
A SWOT analysis can help you discover the best direction to move, strengths you can take advantage of, and weaknesses[...]
Analyzing Business Strategy and Projects with SWOT Analysis
The following lists are meant to get you started thinking about topics in each of the four quadrants. You may[...]
How to Create a SWOT Action Plan
SWOT Analysis should drive actions and decisions. They should not be an academic or discussion exercise. Use a SWOT Action[...]
Where SWOT Analysis Go Wrong
One best practice tool that’s almost always used (or should be used) before making a change in organizations, projects, or[...]
Best Practice Brainstorming
Sitting through a “worst practices” brainstorming is frustrating and pointless. This article gives you a step-by-step process for best practice[...]
Most Brainstorming is Worthless when It Could be Awesome!
Brainstorming is a very important creative business tool - When You Do It Right! The problem is that most brainstorming[...]
Post-It ®Notes – Power Tools for the Brain
3M Post-It® notes are like power tools for the brain. Actually, a better metaphor is that they are power tools[...]
Does a Non-Profit Balanced Scorecard Need a Finance Perspective?
Building a Balanced Scorecard for non-profit organizations isn’t as straightforward as it is for businesses. Where does the "Finance" perspective[...]
Balanced Scorecards – 28% ROI Increase
This long term study by two independent professors matches companies that use Balanced Scorecards against those that don’t. Across 42[...]