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Over the years I’ve learned which are the blogs of the Excel Ninja Masters. This blog reveals to you the secret locations of each Excel Ninja Master. Observe, learn, and spread the knowledge.

In the previous blog, Awesome Excel Basic and Intermediate Training at No Cost, I told you about some of the best free beginning and intermediate Excel training websites. I related the story from years past about one of my students in a computer class for executives at University California, Berkeley. During a pre-class phone interview, he told me he had signed up for the class to learn more about Excel. He had used Excel for a year and only used SUM. He didn’t know it had hundreds of functions, charting, and data analytics.

He didn’t know what he didn’t know!

Here you will take a look at where you can get advanced tutorials and support for the immense depth of features and capabilities in Microsoft Excel.

Oops! There was an Excellent Excel Beginners Tutorial Site I Missed

In the last blog I forgot to tell you about an excellent Excel tutorial website.

Excel Easy,, has hundreds of well-written, easy to follow text tutorials. If you already know Excel basics and are looking for a quick step-by-step tutorial, this is the place. (It also teaches advanced topics like VBA.)

Excel Easy Basic Tutorials

Excel Easy Basic Tutorials

Niels Weterings started Excel Easy while pursuing a master’s degree in Operations Research and Management at the University of Amsterdam. The tutorials are clean, concise, and very easy to understand. Nice job Niels!

Make sure you also checkout the other Excel content on the site including the 300 Examples.

Excel Easy 300 Examples

Excel Easy 300 Examples

Excel Easy is also described later in this blog as a good site for step-by-step training on Excel’s internal programming language, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).

Beginning through Advanced Excel Pivot Table Tutorials with Debra Dalgleish

There is one Pivot Table maven, Debra Dalgleish.

Debra’s website, at, is a source for many advanced tutorials, but where it shines is an entire blog devoted to Microsoft Pivot Tables. In fact, Debra has written three books on Pivot Tables.

Contexture's Pivot Table Basics

Contexture’s Pivot Table Basics

Debra has an entire blog devoted to Pivot Tables.

Contexture's Blog on Pivot Tables

Contexture’s Blog on Pivot Tables

Advanced Excel Video Tutorials with Mr. Excel, Bill Jelen

In the blog Awesome Excel Basic and Intermediate Training for Free I told you about Bill Jelen’s record breaking 1,000+ Excel tutorials on YouTube. Most are short and concise, but they are all clear and well-done. Bill chunks them into topic segments so you can get just what you need.

Although I mentioned Bill in the blog on basic and intermediate tutorials he also covers many advanced Excel tutorials.

A good learning strategy is to start with a video introduction at Bill’s site to get the big picture on the topic. Later, after you are more familiar, you can get refreshers or advanced tips from the text tutorials linked to in this blog.

To see a listing of all of Bill’s YouTube videos, go to his ExcelIsFun YouTube channel.

The best way to find a specific topic on Bill’s site in YouTube is with a Google search, such as,

bill jelen youtube conditional formatting

That searched produced these links.

Bill Jelen's YouTube Channel

Bill Jelen’s YouTube Channel

Financial Expertise and Analytics with Charley Kyd

When you need help and examples involving data reporting with Excel, financial analysis, and financial and stock charting, then go to Excel User. Charley is the acknowledged master of Excel reporting. His site has many reporting samples, templates, and downloads.

Excel User is Great for Reporting Techniques

Advanced Excel Charting Tools and VBA with Jon Peltier

When you want to do advanced charting, use the tutorials or Excel add-in from Jon to make it easy. Jon’s website emphasizes advanced Excel charting, charting tools, and Excel VBA programming. Click here to learn more about the charting tool add-in from Peltier Technical Services. (I receive a small affiliate fee if you purchase.)

Jon has a PhD in metallurgy from MIT, but no matter the level of your technical background, you can follow Jon’s clear, well-written step-by-step tutorials on in-depth topics on charting and VBA. If you want a fast solution to advanced charting, then take a look at Jon’s site.

Peltier Tech has advanced Excel charting add-ins

Peltier Tech has advanced Excel charting add-ins

Awesome Advanced Excel Charting and VBA Samples with Chandoo

I’ve mentioned Chandoo’s website,, in the previous blog on no cost beginning Excel training. But, Chandoo’s website covers much more than just beginning Excel. It has awesome tricks and functionality that push Excel to its limits.

Advanced Excel chart tricks at Chandoo

Advanced Excel chart tricks at Chandoo

You will learn amazing things at Chandoo’s site, but I have one caution. Some of the chart’s on Chandoo’s site come from subscriber submissions and they do not adhere to good design. Many take “chart clutter” to the extreme. However, the tips at Chandoo’s site are awesome.

Learn Excel VBA at the Excel Easy Site

The Excel Easy site isn’t just an excellent text tutorial site for beginning Excel users. It can also take you from Excel programming novice to serious VBA developer. (VBA is the Visual Basic for Application programming language users can program with to automate Excel.)

At the Excel Easy site start with the Excel VBA tutorials. When you have the basics and you need examples of useful VBA code go to the hundreds of VBA examples.

Check VBA examples to learn practical uses of VBA

Check VBA examples to learn practical uses of VBA

World’s Biggest Collection of Excel Tips at Allen Wyatt’s Site

I don’t think there’s much argument that Allen Wyatt’s site, Excel Ribbon Tips, has more Excel 2007 – 2013 tips than any other site. At last count it had more than 3,000 tips. If you’re looking for Excel tips for versions prior to Excel 2007, then go to Allen’s earlier site.

Allen Wyatt's site is the leader in Excel tips

Allen Wyatt’s site is the leader in Excel tips

Go to Mr Excel’s Forum for Answers

The top Excel forum where users support each other with pretty quick turn-around is the Mr Excel forum site. Post a clearly written question with sample data or layout and someone will probably respond within an hour.

When another forum member helps you, please be gracious and thank them for their extra work. “Thanks! You helped me” can go a long way.

MrExcel has the largest and most active Excel forum.

MrExcel has the largest and most active Excel forum.

I don’t ever remember posting questions to the forum, but I have used it many times to look for VBA examples or for work-arounds to an issue. Because people of many skill levels respond, I recommend waiting until you have two or three responses and then check for the best answer.

Excel Dynamic Dashboard and Power BI Dashboard Courses with Mynda Treacy

If you’ve been a regular subscriber to Critical to Success you have seen me extol Mynda Treacy’s online courses on dynamic Excel dashboards and Power BI. Mynda only gives her classes two or three times per year because she gives her students personal support.


This animated Power BI shows the capabilities of a shared dashboard.

This animated Power BI shows the capabilities of a shared dashboard.


Mynda does have two free online training webinars. The links to the free courses are on this page at Critical to Success. One free webinar is on dynamic Excel dashboards. The other is on Power BI dashboards. If you work with Excel dashboards or you want to learn about where Microsoft is moving with Business Intelligence, you should see these free webinars.

If you are a subscriber to Critical to Success I will let you know when she opens her next online class for registration. (I do receive a small affiliate fee.) Numerous subscribers have reported back to me that Mynda did a great job with her dynamic Excel dashboard and Power BI classes.

PowerPivot and Power BI with Rob Collie

PowerPivot and Power BI are Microsoft’s excellent entries into the Business Intelligence market. They are “Sweet Tools” that should be in anyone’s toolkit when analyzing large data. If you have questions about PowerPivot or Power BI, then turn to Rob Collie’s blog.

Rob Collie has a blog and courses on Power Pivot and Power BI

Rob Collie has a blog and courses on Power Pivot and Power BI

Rob was part of the Microsoft team that developed Power Pivot and later Power BI, so he knows this powerhouse from the inside out. In addition, his blog has many Power Pivot and Power BI contributors, so check here when you are looking for more information on Power Pivot and Power BI.

Rob teaches online and onsite courses in Power Pivot, Power BI, and DAX, the function language behind Power Pivot.




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