The Happy Secret to More Productive Work

Professional Skills

As a consultant or solo-professional you must be able to capture your audience and communicate your ideas and objectives. This is one of the best presentations I’ve ever seen on how to communicate one important objective and five action items. It takes just 12 minutes.

First, it shows you the formula for capturing your audience’s attention. Second, it gives you a data-driven, science-based formula that will change your outlook on life. Enjoy this!

TEDx, video (12:14), 17,893,892 views

Take Aways

  • Shawn completely wins over the audience with humor and stories before he presents the point he wants his audience to remember and act on.
  • (Amy the unicorn won’t fit most financial presentations to the board, but even there you can build a vision of objectives and impact.) 
  • Watch how Shawn’s presentation changes when he hits the BIG OBJECTIVE 
  • Finally, he shows a single slide of what people can do.

Action Items

  • Your presentation should have one objective. Never more than three in one-hour.
  • Move your audience to belief by using a story before stating the objective.
  • Use either a few slides, like Shawn and Steve Jobs, or use a lot of slides with rapid changes to create a movie effect.
  • Shift pace when you reach your objective to alert your audience. Watch when and how Shawn changes pace.
  • Remove heavy numbers and statistics. Put that in a handout.
  • See Paul’s last slide and act on it.