How do Sparklines work with Non-Numeric or Hidden Data?

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Make sure you know how Sparklines work when their range includes non-numeric or hidden data.

The data in the cell is the Sparkline
Non-numeric ignores data and plots through non-numeric
#NA ignores #NA and plots through #NA
Blanks plots a blank
Zero plots as zero
Empty cells shows empty cells as you specify. See below.
Hidden data shows or hides hidden data as you specify. See below.

Plotting Hidden Data or Empty Cells in Sparklines

To define how Sparklines show or hide data in hidden rows and columns or in blank cells, select the Sparkline, then click the Design tab on the ribbon. In the Sparkline group at the far left, select Edit Data, then Hidden & Empty Cells. In the Hidden and Empty Cell Settings dialog box select the settings you need for your Sparkline.

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