Marketing Machine

6. How to Automate Your Marketing: Website, LinkedIn and Email

Magnify your lead generation and reduce your workload by focusing and automating
your marketing.

No matter how hard you work you can't capture new leads as well as an automated marketing machine. And your automated marketing machine continues to work while you live your personal life.

The prospect list you build with automated marketing is key to creating your one-person million-dollar consulting business.

Consultants without an automated marketing machine spend approximately 30% of their time marketing. An automated marketing machine releases that time to you for building and refining your business systems, creating new assets, and spending time with family and friends.

Well-designed marketing machines have multiple parts, but don’t let that scare you. You can build an awesome marketing machine in stages over time with each stage adding more horsepower to your marketing.

The Parts of Your Automated Marketing Machine

Your automated marketing machine has multiple parts. You don't need to build the entire system at once, but it's important to build the parts in the right order so the work together and build revenue while you build it.

The first part of your marketing machine are Marketing Magnets. For most consultants these are a website and LinkedIn profile that present offers and Calls to Action. Some consultants also create YouTube videos, Instagram posts, and paid advertising. You need to use all of these to build your credibility and authority while adding leads to your email list.

The second part of your marketing machine is your email list. Your emailing list your gold mine of potential prospects. Initially you can use a simple and inexpensive mailing list provider that will store your list, segment the list into categories, and send emails or newsletters. With the "LIST" you can engage and nurture leads, qualify them as prospects, and offer them your services and products.

The third part of your marketing machine is known as "marketing automation software." It's like a mailing list with super powers. Marketing automation software stores your mailing list, keeps track of each contacts interests and profile, automates repetitive tasks like sending email sequences, newsletters, special offers, and event notices.

Building an automated marketing machine is key to creating recurring revenue for any million-dollar one-person business.

Creating a Magnetic LinkedIn Profile

One of the first and easiest things you need to do is magnify the magnetism of your LinkedIn profile. You can do this by,

 adding evidence of your authority to your profile, for example, publishing LinkedIn articles, adding downloadable assets, and posting videos. 

  • Increasing your authority by describing exact details of how you have helped clients.
  • Increasing your authority and attracting leads by publishing LinkedIn articles.
  • Adding to your lead list by offering downloadable assets from a link on your website.
  • Increasing visibility by posting videos with hashtags that target your client profile.

All of these LinkedIn magnifiers should have a Call to Action that takes the reader to your website where you can capture their email address. This gives you a chance to engage with them and continue the marketing conversation.

Creating a High-Converting Website

A professional, well-constructed website is the foundation for building your consulting business. While you can do "part-time consulting" with just a LinkedIn profile you need a well-constructed website to present a clear image of the value you bring to clients and to capture leads for your automated marketing machine.

If you used the tree-and-branch content structure described in Stage 3, Build Your Consulting Brand, here is where you can really increase your website's magnetic attraction of readers and Google ranking. In this stage you want to begin, or continue, adding detailed content pages and blogs that link to the core topics of your content structure.  

The longer and more descriptive each of these “branch” pages is, the more attractive that branch's topic is to Google. Use the techniques and keywords lists from the Starting a Consulting Business course to gain additional ranking with Google. For human readers the core page becomes a great table of contents for your human readers. 

As a member of Critical to Success you can use the Keyword Tools Cheat Sheets to quickly extract important words and phrases from these tools for free. Critical to Success also offers a Done for You service that sends you the keywords, blog topics, and competitive information without you having to subscribe or learn Search Engine Optimization.

Magnify Your Website's Reader Opt-In Rate

Attracting lots of people to your consulting website is great, but it shouldn't be your objective. To build your consulting business you to attract and qualify people who fit your client profile. You want to build your list of qualified prospects.

To capture a reader's address you need to create Calls to Action that fit your prospect's needs and offer them some value in exchange for their email address. This "value" is often called a Lead Generation Offer or Entry Point Offer. It's a tasty morsel that holds out hope the reader can solve the need they have at that point in their Customer Journey. 

Don't offer a large ebook or an hour-long video. While those may have a high value, readers rarely consume them and they take too long to create. What they want and are more likely to use is a quick, concise answer to a specific problem. It could be a cheat sheet, checklist, resource list, or short webinar. Of course, in exchange for that tasty high-value morsel the reader will give you their email address.

Downloadable offers should give a quick, concise answer to a specific problem.

Adding on-entry and on-exit opt-in boxes have high capture rates for reader’s email addresses. If you use the software recommended by Critical to Success you can add quizzes and link-click tracking that let you track the topics each reader is interested in.

Critical to Success comparison charts can help you select an easy-to-use website building platform, or you can use WordPress and a stack of recommended WordPress plug-ins to build a robust and customizable site.

Once you have captured email addresses your marketing automation software can engage your visitors with sequences of newsletters and offers that build a relationship, build trust in your ability, and move the visitor from cold lead to engaged prospect. 

Increasing Productivity and Conversions with Scripts and Templates

LinkedIn messages, weekly newsletters, and email sequences are critical elements in attracting and nurturing leads and prospects. But, writing them from scratch takes a tremendous amount of time. You can work significantly faster and get better results by working from pre-written scripts for your LinkedIn connections, and using newsletter and email templates that are proven.

Critical to Success members can jump-start their marketing using the library of scripts and templates to see example body copy and formats. These scripts and templates engage and nurture website visitors, build strong relationships, and convert readers to clients. Members save a lot of time and trials by using these templates.

A module in the Ultimate Course to Starting a Consulting Business shows you how to quickly create three different newsletter types to keep your engaged. Part of this course shows you how to create high-value content each week with only a few hours writing.

Consulting Business Checklist: 
Website, LinkedIn and Email

Guarantee your consulting success and personal independence by solving high-value problems in high-growth niches.

Create Your Core

  • Learn your top competitor's most valued keywords and blog topics.
  • Use the Critical to Success Done for You services to capture your competitor's most valued keywords and blog topics and leverage them for your use.
  •  Add detailed pages and blogs that fill in your website's tree-branch content structure. Link them to the core topics.
  • Capture email addresses with downloadable offers such as cheat sheets, checklists, resource sheets, and short webinars.
  • Continue sending newsletters using the Critical to Success Newsletter Templates.

Quick Wins

  • Create a follow-up email sequence for new visitors that qualifies prospects and gathers more information.
  • Use nurturing email sequences and free webinars series to engage prospects and convert them to clients.

Expand and Refine

  • Segment your prospects by tracking their preferred content and downloads.
  • Use marketing automation to deliver custom content and offers.

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