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1. How to Find Your Consulting Niche(s)

Picking the Right Niche is One of the Most Important Things You Can do to Start and Grow Your Consulting

Consulting in a high-value, high-growth niche will make your life easier and more rewarding!

When you work in the right niche, clients immediately recognize your value, growth is high, and opportunities are everywhere. Building a thriving consulting business seems to come easy.

Selecting the Right Niche is Critical to Success

Pick the wrong niche to consult in and you will scramble to find prospects, work harder than you need to, and have smaller revenue and less free time. Pick the right niche!

Even if you already work in an industry and have niche expertise you can often discover adjacent niches and skill sets that will increase your sales and revenue.

Don't Be a Generalist

Some consultants try to get around picking a niche by being everything to everyone. This is a death knell for business, especially for new consultants. Being a “generalist” makes it difficult for people to remember what you do or believe you can solve their specific problem.

Being a generalist makes you invisible and your “expertise” a commodity!

It is far better to approach a prospect as an expert in the problems they face, prove your value to them, and then expand your scope vertically or horizontally once you have a relationship with the client. You will never find a book on strategy that says, “Attack on all fronts and you will win.”

Find a High-Value, High-Growth Niche

The Critical to Success system guides you step-by-step through building a list of problems common to your niche by using the internet and searching databases and press sources. 

Don't just read the articles. Keep track of the problem topics, keywords, and important articles. Later, you will use this information in your LinkedIn articles, emails, and blogs. An advantage to using Critical to Success is that you can use the Critical to Success Blog Templates and Headline Templates to quickly produce highly engaging content.

Consulting Business Checklist: Finding Your Niche(s)

Guarantee your consulting success and personal independence by solving high-value problems in high-growth niches.

Create Your Core

  • Know why you want to consult
  • Know your highest value skills
  • Identify high-growth industries and niches that align with your skills
  • Discover each niches’ high-value problems

Quick Wins

  • Test demand with a low-risk high-reward Minimum Viable Consulting Service

Expand and Refine

  • Map the gap between your current skill set and needs in high-value niches
  • Fill your gaps with partners, proven consulting frameworks, and free online university courses

The Best Time to Build a 
Thriving Consulting Business  is Now!

Now is the time to start and grow a thriving consulting business.

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