Independent Consulting in the Age of Crisis – A Blog Series

Consulting in a Recession

Consulting in Age of Crisis

The strategies, tactics and tools covered in this new series of blogs and LinkedIn posts will help you build a strong and resilient independent consulting and professional services business that will thrive beyond this crisis and chaos.

I Want You to Thrive in the Pandemic and Economic Slowdown

This article is the core of an ongoing series of blogs and LinkedIn posts on strategies and tactics for consultants and independent professionals during the pandemic and recession.

There is a Way

In my 30+ years as an independent professional, independent consultant and SaaS startup founder, I have been through three recessions. They left many lessons burnt into my mind and my bank account; including having to sell my house. Spurred on by these memories I have put in considerable time researching strategies and tactics for independent professionals and consultants. This series contains a few of those strategies and tactics.

Stay Safe, Stay Strong, Carry On
- Ron

The Series Content: Strategies, Tactics and Tools

This is a blog and LinkedIn post series that started July 21, 2020. I will be adding two posts per week for months. If you want to get these posts as they are published, please sign up for the free Ultimate Guide to Starting and Building a Thriving Consulting Business or connect with me on LinkedIn.

Within each of the eight categories are links to the blogs within that category. The first blog was published 7/21/2020.

Building Strength and Resilience

Consultants Have Four Paths in the Recession and Pandemic 
This blog was written in the US the first week of May, 2020. It is based purely on science-based reasoning and epedimiological sources. (No politics or wishful thinking.) There are four mental attitudes and plans of action you can take toward the pandemic and economic slowdown. 

Conserving Assets

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Finding the Ideal Niche and Clients

Who is Hiring Consultants and Independent Professionals?
Before you laser target a niche and specific hiring manager, check out the big picture into hiring trends on job titles and skills taken from 690 million LinkedIn users, 50 million companies, and 11+ million job openings. Which jobs and skills companies are hiring will give you insight into consulting opportunities.

Getting More and Better Clients

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Delivering Consulting Online

Are You Winning Consulting Clients with Online Interviews?
Face to face meetings for engaging prospects and closing clients are disappearing. You need to know how to be your best, most convincing and trustworthy self when you show up to your prospect or client on screen. These tips will help.

Repackaging and Repricing Your Consulting Services

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Reskilling and Retraining

Get More Clients by Reskilling and Retraining Your Consulting Skills
Use the economic slowdown to reskill and retrain your consulting skills. These free courses can get you new clients.

Some of these free offers are time limited!!!
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If you are not doing client work, then “down time” is the time for building your future capacity and capability. Consultants that build their capacity and capabilities during a slowdown are the first to accelerate in the new economy.

Automating Marketing and Business Systems 

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Get These Strategies, Tactics and Tools Quickly

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The 8-week course covers strategies, tactics and tools, as well as membership and mentoring in a learning community for consultants.

Your Strategic and Tactical Reserves

How you use the strategies and tactics in this series and where you focus will depend upon your personal resilience, your resources and your niche. A successful business founder I listen closely to, Shane Melaugh at Active Growth, likens these personal and professional capacities to a plane on a runway.

The length of the runway you have for take-off depends upon,

  • Your cash reserves
  • Your existing client portfolio
  • Your business network
  • Your experience in your niche
  • The niche you target – what is its outlook?
  • Your experience as an independent
  • Your digital marketing skills – what can you do by yourself
  • Your energy and resilience

If you are on the high-end of these points you have a long runway and can afford to use a strategy that builds more slowly to a bigger business over time. I will cover strategies, tactics and tools to do that.

If you are on the low-end of these points you have a short runway. You need to get in the air as quickly as possible and get groceries coming in. I will cover the strategies, tactics and tools for a short runway as well. 

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