Inserting Multiple Lines (Line Breaks) in a Cell with Alt+Enter


I bet every Excel user has had it happen. You want to type a long line or paragraph in a cell and you press Enter to break line. Instead it enters the text in the cell. Without reformatting the cell for wrap text there’s a quick way to break a line and wrap it in the cell.

Select the cell, type a line longer than the cell width and when you get to a point in the line where you want a line break and wrap, press Alt+Enter. The line will break and wrap to the next line as you keep typing.

Press Alt+Enter to insert line breaks in a cell.

Press Alt+Enter to insert line breaks in a cell.





The line will break and word wrap at the point where you pressed Alt+Enter. You can continue typing and pressing Alt+Enter. When you Enter the contents are entered into the cell.

The cell is automatically formatted for Word Wrap so changing the column width will allow the lines that do not have a word wrap to flow and automatically wrap.