Create a Non-Profit, Government, or Healthcare Strategy Map with this PowerPoint Template

Non-profit strategy maps must be different than for profit strategy maps.

This Strategy Map template in PowerPoint can be a powerful tool for success in non-profits, government agencies, municipalities, or healthcare organizations. Because these organizations are mission driven they need a different strategy map than those used by for-profit organizations. In the figure below you can see one form of non-profit strategy map.

Non-profit, government, and healthcare strategy maps must be different from the maps used by for-profit organizations

Download the Strategy Map template in PowerPoint for Non-Profit, Government, or Healthcare

Any non-profit organization that starts to use a for-profit strategy map quickly realizes they need to change the order of some of the strategy map layers. While for-profit organizations drive upwards from Learning to Finance to achieve financial success this order does not work for non-profits. Most non-profits have fixed finances that constrain their resources and they drive to achieve success in their mission.

For example, in a federal agency or a municipal government the finances are dictated by a regulated budget. The organization is not driving to achieve a financial profit. Instead, they want to succeed at their mission of supporting their constituents, etc.

Similarly, most hospitals, while needing to show profit for expansion, can not appear to be profit driven. In fact, the staff of nurses and doctors might feel appalled with profit as a stated goal. Instead, they want to be seen as great financial administrators who achieve their mission with high performance and effectiveness. They must be excellent financial stewards.

Another consideration is that some non-profits, such as art institutes, are dependent upon a wide group of donors. These donors are often stakeholders with their own agendas. If these stakeholders and the art audience aren’t both satisfied a major source of funding could disappear.

Those differences mean that a non-profit strategy map should consider having finances at the bottom layer because the finances are not the purpose of the organization, rather they are a resource constraint. In that case, objectives drive upward to achieve the mission. However, for non-profits that depend upon donors they will also need an additional Customer layer. They need to address Customer’s needs and Donor’s (stakeholder) needs.

Download the Strategy Map template in PowerPoint for Non-Profit, Government, or HealthcareMap

Promote Financial Stewardship not Financial Profit

It is critical to remember when working with people in non-profit organizations that many people are working at the organization because of the mission, not to increase profits. In economic and human motivation terms, once there are sufficient finances for a safe living standard, their primary focus becomes achieving the mission, not more revenue.

When you discuss finances with stakeholders and employees in a non-profit approach the topic from the point of view of being good financial stewards. The better they can manage and perform with the funds they have the more people they can serve while achieving their mission.

Objectives and Metrics Drivers in a Non-Profit Strategy Map

Some non-profit organizations have a great deal of discomfort in putting driver arrows on their map to show how one objective drives another. I’ve also seen people in non-profits have a great deal of discomfort in creating metrics that measure the performance and effectiveness of their achievements. If you work in a non-profit that wants a general objectives map without the “feel” of cause and effect, then use this non-profit, government, or healthcare strategy map PowerPoint template. If however, you want to be highly effective in serving your audience and stakeholders, then I recommend using the principals from this blog on non-profits and combining them with the for-profit PowerPoint template that shows how objectives in each layer drive the objectives at the next higher layer. I also recommend identify your critical Key Performance Indicator metrics and using them to improve performance.

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Download the for-profit Strategy Map PowerPoint template

Download the Strategy Map template in PowerPoint for Non-Profit, Government, or Healthcare

True Story – Although it’s been many years, I still remember a classic demonstration of how attitudes toward performance improvement hold back some non-profit organizations. Three of us, all consultants who each had 20+ years’ experience donated hundreds of hours to interviewing stakeholders and customers for an umbrella organization that supported young children in our county. We identified performance improvement areas, mapped objectives between the multiple organizations, and identified free resources that were willing to help. When the three of us presented our findings to the general manager of this umbrella organization she soundly scolded as by saying, “We aren’t concerned with measuring metrics or performance. We are serving children.” We attempted to show her how identifying objectives and measuring performance as a tool for improvement would benefit the children. But, she could not get beyond her fear of having well-defined objectives that she might be held to or that measurements could be used for improvement rather than for punishment.

All three of us went away deeply saddened by how many children would not be served by a better run organization.

Perspective Layers in a Non-Profit Strategy Map

Some of the objectives you may want to consider for each of layer in the non-profit strategy map are,

Mission Perspective

The “Mission” must be the topmost layer. This should be one or at most two sentences. If you can’t make it that concise, then you aren’t clear on what it is.

Customer Perspective

Products and Services






Service Level










Donor Perspective











Internal Perspective





Risk Management

Customer Management





Innovation and Intellectual Property


Product Portfolio

New Product Development

Corporate Social Responsibility/Regulatory






Learning and Growth Perspective

Human Capital

Intellectual Capital

Information Systems Capital

Organizational Capital

Financial Perspective


Asset Use

Revenue Growth

Customer Value

Download the Strategy Map template in PowerPoint for Non-Profit, Government, or Healthcare