Predefined Date and Time Formatting Symbols


Before you begin creating custom date and time formats it’s a good idea to look through the predefined date and time formats in the Format Cells dialog box.

These are the predefined date and time formatting symbols,

Format Example
m/d/yy 4/1/16
d-mmm-yy 1-Apr-16
d-mmm 1-Apr
mmm-yy Apr-16
h:mm AM/PM 6:15 PM (12-hour clock)
h:mm:ss AM/PM 6:15:30 PM (12-hour clock)
h:mm 18:15 (24-hour clock)
h:mm:ss 18:15:40 (24-hour clock)
m/d/yy h:mm 4/1/16 18:15 (24-hour clock)
mm:ss 15:40
mm:ss.0 6:15:0
[h]:mm:ss 18:15:40 (24-hour clock)