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Professional skills give you the power to be a stellar performer. These are often the skills that aren't taught in school, you learn them the hard way over time or you have a mentor that helps you leap ahead in how well you work and build the life you want.

Professional skills blogs include topics such as,

  • Managing up
  • Managing teams
  • Personal productivity
  • Project management
  • Work Life Balance

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Professional Skills

Professional Skills

12 Tips on How to Sell Consulting Services with LinkedIn
12 Tips on How to Sell Consulting Services with LinkedIn Click here to download the Finding Perfect Consulting Prospects with[...]
Are You (and Your Consulting Clients) Making the Right Decision the Right Way?
Art: Lea HeinrichFor well over 200 years humans have used tables to help make decisions. Charles Darwin even used a[...]
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The age of being a proud multi-tasker has come and gone! Brain function and task efficiency research shows that multi-tasking[...]
The Happy Secret to More Productive Work
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Does Success Bring Happiness or Happiness Bring Success?
In what may be the funniest of TED talks, author and psychologist Shawn Achor presents the idea that the most[...]
A Guide to Burnout: What It Is, and How to Overcome It
You are not alone. Burnout is a common condition among professional business people. A Gallop survey found that 2.7 million[...]
Do You Know the Best Ways to Handle Criticism?
Shavon Lindley interviewed more than 150 rising female leaders. One of the six pillars of leadership she found was Owning[...]
Do You Set Up Your Teams for Checklist Failure? 6 Steps to Checklist Success
Checklists reduce death rates in hospitals by almost half, yet most hospitals fail when trying to use them. You might[...]
I Didn’t Get Killed or Crash the Jet, but Blindly Following the Checklist…
I didn’t get killed or crash the jet, but blindly following the checklist without considering the context created my most[...]
The Best Excel Checklist
This Excel checklist template has a lot of features. It’s easy to create and modify and it could save you[...]
Top 17 Business and Personal Productivity Tips
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How to Think and Write More Clearly using Four Word and PowerPoint Shortcut Keys and One Menu Choice
After 27 books and a bazillion PowerPoint slides I’ve learned the best way for me to write is just to[...]
How to Build a Super-Memory for Business
I was a noob, not long out of the Air Force holding a newly-minted MBA. He was the wise and[...]
Speed Reading Non-Fiction Books and Remembering What is Critical to Success
If you are like most business professionals you have little time or energy after work for reading non-fiction, all those[...]
Do You Have What It Takes? The Skills 1,261 Recruiters Value Most
Bloomberg Business reporters Francesca Levy and Christopher Cannon completed the Bloomberg annual survey of which job skills are most valued[...]
Time and Project Management with an Even More Advanced Gantt Chart in Excel
This advanced Gantt Chart in Excel has the basic scrolling Gantt Chart and custom weekends and holidays, but it also[...]
Time and Project Management with an Advanced Gantt Chart in Excel
This tutorial shows you how to take the basic Excel Gantt Chart and add conditional formatting so the Gantt chart[...]
How to Build a Gantt Chart in Excel
Gantt charts help you track the progress of tasks in a project. This and the following tutorials will show you[...]
Driving Your Career with a Personal SWOT Analysis
At work we often go to great lengths to analyze, plan, do, and review. Then we get home, relax, and[...]
Excel’s Four Quadrant – Matrix Model Chart : Don’t Make a Decision without It!
The Four Quadrant or Matrix Model is one the most valuable and widely used tools for decision making. The related[...]
Get More Work Done – Focus with the Pomodoro Technique
The age of being a proud multi-tasker has come and gone! Brain function and task efficiency research show that multi-tasking[...] Delayed – to Iceland and Back
What a month! I apologize to you for not getting tips to you that could help your careers. I’ve got[...]
Creating Dynamic Excel Timelines That Scroll
Last week’s newsletter described how to create a static event timeline in an Excel chart. In this article you'll learn[...]
Create an Excel Timeline Chart to Manage Your Projects and Events
Excel timeline charts are a great tool in any professional’s toolkit. You can insert Excel timelines in your Excel workbooks[...]