Selling Consulting Services

Increasing Sales and Buy-In Success with Pre-Suasion

In the world of consulting, your work isn't just about presenting the best solutions; it's about ensuring your clients are receptive to them. Pre-suasion is your secret weapon. It's the art of priming your clients to be more open to your recommendations even before you present them.

Pre-suasion positions consulting clients so they are receptive to a message before encountering it. According to Dr. Cialdini, the author of two mega-bestsellers, “Influence” and “Pre-Suasion,” what we present first changes how people experience what we present next.

Selling Consulting Services with Authority

As a consultant, you must establish your expertise and authority, becoming the unique go-to resource in your niche. That, in turn, persuades clients to trust and engage with you more. Using symbols of authority, such as credentials, testimonials, or case studies, gives your authority credibility and amplifies its impact.

Getting Clients with Reciprocity

Reciprocity, the exchange of value between people, is deeply ingrained in social norms and expectations.

By offering your consulting prospect something of value first, be it an insightful report, a free consultation, or even a meaningful piece of advice, you make them more likely to give back in kind, possibly by choosing your services over others.

When you give value to prospects or clients with honest intention it not only feels good it builds bonds and trust.

Getting Clients to "Yes" by Asking for Advice

Research shows that when people are asked for advice, they favor the original idea and provide more constructive input. Asking for advice turns them into partners who want to see the project succeed.

Asking for opinions often returns criticism.