Scheduling Your Coaching Sessions

Thank you for signing up for coaching. Coaching is an excellent way to accelerate your company’s growth and reduce errors.

After purchasing coaching sessions, your next step is to schedule your sessions.

To schedule your session,

  1. Return to Home on Critical to Success.
  2. Click My Library, a new menu added  when you purchased coaching.

Coaching sessions appear as a card on the My Library page. If you have subscribed to additional courses or coaching, you will also see cards for those on the My Library page.

3. Click the View button at the bottom of the coaching card.

4. The Coaching Session card will display showing how many coaching sessions you have.

  1. Click the Schedule Now link to the right of your next session to see information about that session.

    The session card shows you the date/time of the next session, agenda items, notes (personal and shared), and resources such as video or checklist files.
  1. Click the Schedule Now button to display a calendar. Click on available dates in blue to select a date for this session..
  1. Select and confirm a time for your session.
  1. Before completion you are given an opportunity to change the name, email address, and SMS (text message) where you want reminders sent.

9. Click the Schedule Event button, then return to the Home or My Library page.

10. You will receive emails and SMS, if requested, reminding you of the coaching session.

If you need to change or cancel one of your scheduled sessions you can click the link in a reminder email or go to your session card. In the session card, you can return to the calendar to change or cancel the session.