We Help New and Experienced Consultants Build a Thriving Consulting Business

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Build a Thriving Consulting Business

Critical to Success has proven step-by-step processes and tools that help consultants build a thriving business,

  • Build a High Six-Figure Income
  • Gain Independence and Work/Life Balance
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    Be Recognized for your Expertise
  • Reduce Risk

Imagine yourself as a successful consultant...

Imagine, as a New Consultant You...

  • Fill your pipeline with quality clients
  • Create a business that gives you independence
  • Earn a stable high six-figure income
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    Reduce your family's risk of startup failure
Experienced Consultant

Imagine, as an Experienced Consultant You...

  • Create a recurring revenue of a $1,000,000 per year
  • Fill your pipeline and chose the quality clients you want
  • Gain recognition as a leader in your field
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    Breakthrough your past upper-limits

What do you get from Critical to Success?

Whether you are just starting your consulting business or whether you are an experienced consultant, Critical to Success contains proven step-by-step guides, video tutorials, templates, and tool kits that help you,

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    Identify your best rapidly growing and profitable niche
  • Quickly find and close new clients
  • Create a stable high six-figure income
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    Leverage your knowledge as a portfolio of services and products
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    Create more time for family and friends
  • Reduce startup stress and risk

More than 7,000 people subscribe to Critical to Success.
It's an incredible asset for independent consultants.

Global 1000
Fortune 1000
J Wiley

How were these proven systems created?

I remember earning about $37,000 a year my first few years as a consultant. It took a good part of my 30+ years as an independent consultant to learn how to build a great life and a stable, high income. I was a consultant serving Global 1000 and Fortune 1000 clients and author of four international best-selling books published by J Wiley and Macmillan before I realized that building a thriving consulting business could be easy, if you knew the right steps and systems.

I learned that I wasn't the only one who didn't know the steps and system to profitable consulting. Most highly-skilled consultants go through this same struggle - they are experts in their field and dedicated to helping clients, but they don't know the steps and systems to market and leverage the value they deliver.

One of the most amazing insights was realizing that building a thriving business does not depend upon how many hours you work, I was used to working hard. What a thriving business does depend on is your brand, the business systems you build, and creating a portfolio of tiered services and products you can deliver any time and anywhere in the world.

I remember the excitement and joy of reporting my first big year's net income of $983,000 to the US Internal Revenue service. It was starting to come together for me - a better way than working as hard as I could for as many hours as I could. There was a way to have a high income, deliver great value, and have a work-life balance.

The answer was in front of me in the very work I was doing with clients. All I had to do was use in my own business what I was delivering to  Fortune 1000, Global 1000, and regional consulting clients. The steps and proven processes are based on,

  • A focused business strategy that is tuned for consultants
  • Business startup methods from Silicon Valley that reduce risk
  • Leveraging your value to create a portfolio of services with digital marketing

How does Critical to Success help you
Build a Thriving Consulting Businesses?

Through Critical to Success you can learn the strategies, tactics, methods, and tips that come from,

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    30+ years consulting with Fortune 1000 and Global 1000 companies
  • Business startup methods demanded by Silicon Valley investors 
  • Curated consulting methods developing around the world

Critical to Success helps you with structured courses and with tools, templates, and assets that give you Just-Enough, Just-In-Time support and skills. As a member of Critical to Success you have access to, 

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    Execution Plans that show you what to do and in what order
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    Libraries of step-by-step guides that deliver "Just-Enough, Just-in-Time" 
  • Video tutorials for structured learning or ad-hoc support
  • Tool kits with Excel worksheets, PowerPoint templates, and Word documents
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    Scripts for interviews and client management
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    Templates and checklists
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    Lists of recommended software, tool kits, and marketing assets

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Join as a free or paid member

You can join Critical to Success as a Free or Paid member.

As a free member you receive,

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    The Critical to Success newsletter for independent professionals with the latest on topics such as building your prospect list, managing clients, and increasing personal productivity. 
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    Access to live Office Hours, webinars and interviews with consultants, authors, and marketing experts
  • Access to selected step-by-step guides, videos, and checklists.
  • Blogs with in-depth articles on the real world of independent consulting 

You become a paid member when you take a fee-based course. Paid membership includes,

  • All resources available to free members 
  • Access to all guides, videos, and assets related to your subscribed course
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    Posting questions to be answered during Office Hours
  • Access to the archives of all recorded Office Hours, webinars, and interviews
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    Discounts to affiliated vendors and online services, SaaS

30 Days to More Consulting Clients

How can I join this FREE course?

A few times each year I open the free course, 30 Days to More Consulting Clients, to registered free members.

This three-week course is an accelerated course that is guaranteed to help fill your pipeline with new prospects and clients. The course is a condensed version of the first part of the Building a Thriving Consulting Business course. In this free course I show you actionable tools and techniques you can use to,

  • Precisely identify your target audience
  • Create a story that engages your perfect clients
  • Create a high impact LinkedIn profile
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    Build a contact list of more than 30 prospects per month
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    Use proven email and phone scripts to turn prospects into clients

Building a Thriving Consulting Business

When is the next full course?

The next full course on Building a Thriving Consulting Business begins November, 2018. The course follows the structure of the modules in The Ultimate Guide to Building a Thriving Consulting Business.

I make this course highly interactive with Execution Plans that guide you through building what you need for each stage of your business. For example, completing the Execution Plan on creating your brand's story gives you a short slogan and a paragraph that hooks your perfect client. Completing the Execution Plan on your LinkedIn profile steps you through building a profile that grabs Google searches and new prospects.

The course helps you grow no matter the stage what stage of consulting maturity your business is in. You can take the course following the structure or skip around, working independently.

When you take the structured course you need to dedicate a few hours each week to videos, completing Execution Plans for your business, and joining the weekly Office Hours when you can. You have full access to all Execution Plans, guides, videos, and assets that go with the course. 

If you need to work outside the structured course, perhaps breaking through a barrier you currently face, you can do that too. You can focus on the topics that will best accelerate your consulting. Of course, you will still have full access to all Execution Plans, guides, videos, and assets that go with the course.

The course, Building a Thriving Consulting Business, follows the modules outlined in The Ultimate Guide to Building a Thriving Consulting Business. You can click here to see or download The Ultimate Guide to Building a Thriving Consulting Business

What have others said about Critical to Success and its consulting methods?

I’ve had the opportunity to work with many consultants and facilitators in my career, and Ron Person goes right to the top of my list of the most effective. In fact, it’s not fair to Ron to refer to him as a facilitator, as he’s really more of a learned guide, humble educator, process cop and teammate. Most importantly, he added true value to our project. It’s an understatement to say that we never would have attained the results we did had it not been for Ron. I’ve referred him to colleagues at other companies and look forward to working with him again.           

Peter Cohen, VP Marketing and Retail Strategy
West Coast Retail Construction Firm

Your guidance helped us through the sometimes difficult process of developing a strategic plan. Not only did we capture the widely diverse needs of our stakeholders, but we produced an executable plan in record time. We have a clear vision of what we will become and we know exactly what we must do to get there.

Some strategic planning processes are little more than pointless exercises that end up on a shelf. This plan is one we know how to execute.

One of California, USA’s Largest Performing Arts Centers

I must tell you that your book is an excellent read. In fact, it's like a checklist which one should carry while implementing a Balanced Scorecard in any company.

Nitin Singh Bhadauria

I just wanted to drop you a quick e-mail to congratulate you on your great book. It was a great guideline for us in improving our strategic planning.

Alex Robbio, Vice-President, Business Development


An organization's success depends upon a clear, defensible strategy with concise executable plans that focuses on proven customer needs. 

          Ron Person 

Ron Person helps consultants build their own thriving consulting business.

For the seven years prior to founding Critical to Success, Ron was Sr. Consultant for Strategic Business Optimization at the third-largest internet marketing software company. During that time the company grew more than 50% per year.

Ron's work has run the gamut, from picking tomatoes and washing windows, to jerking ice cream in college, then becoming a U.S. Air Force pilot after college. He went on to earn an MS in Physics and MBA in marketing and finance with highest honors. He started his consulting practice as one of Microsoft’s first twelve independent consultants. 

Ron has built his 30+ year consulting career around strategic performance improvement and digital marketing strategy. His clients have included Fortune 1000 and Global 1000 companies including corporations such as ExxonMobil, Medtronics, Carnival Cruise Lines, and Mary Kay, as well as many regional businesses and non-profits. Ron has also founded or co-founded four businesses.

Ron has taught thousands of business professionals as a consultant as well as teaching as an adjunct professor at U.C. Berkeley. He has written 27 books published by J Wiley and Macmillan that include four international best-sellers with more than three million copies sold in 18 countries. He is a Six Sigma Black Belt and certified Balanced Scorecard consultant who has served on the Board of Examiners for the California Awards for Performance Excellence.