What is Critical to Success?

Critical to Success has one purpose: to help you become a successful high-performance business professional and leader.

I’m Ron Person and I want to help you learn and apply the skills and tools that will make you successful in your professional career and business. Since 1985 I’ve personally helped thousands of business professionals and organizations improve their performance. My clients have ranged from regional non-profits to Global 10 corporations.

Critical to Success is built on a toolkit of skills and tools collected during 30 years as an independent consultant in technology, and personal and organizational performance. These are the skills and tools I’ve seen work. They are taken from a career that includes work as,

  • One of Microsoft’s first 12 partners
  • Author of 27 business and technology books published by Macmillan and J. Wiley with more than 3 million copies published in 18 countries
  • Six Sigma Black Belt from Villanova University
  • Member, Board of Examiners for the California Council for Excellence
  • Certified Balanced Scorecard Consultant, Kaplan-Norton’s Palladium Group
  • Sr. Consultant, Business Optimization for global clients at one of the world’s largest internet software companies

Critical to Success is here to help you succeed in your professional career and business. I want you to learn and accelerate faster. I want you to avoid the bumps and barriers that slow many of us down. If you want the personal, family, and professional rewards that come with a high performance career and success than I welcome you to Critical to Success.

All the Best in What’s Critical to Your Success,

P.S. What’s most important is the value people have received from these skills and tools. Check out the testimonials.





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