Start, Grow, and Scale Your 
Consulting or Professional Business

Using Proven Strategies, Tactics, and
AI-Powered Systems

New Young Woman Consultant

Corporate to Consultant

You've worked in the corporate environment, but now it's time for higher income and greater independence. 

Start and get clients quickly. Build a solid business platform with clear, proven step-by-step guidance.

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New Young Woman Consultant

Early and Mid-Stage 

You've been consulting, but your growth is slower than you want, and your income is erratic.

You need proven strategies, tactics, and AI-powered systems that quickly fill your client portfolio, increase your income and create a better work-life balance.

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Experienced Older White Male Consultant


You are past the startup stage but barriers hold you back. The Feast-or-Famine cycle keeps you from growing as fast as you should.

You need consulting systems and a community to help you scale and build multiple streams of income. 

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I don't ever recommend training, but
this is a rare exception.

Of the dozens of trainings I have been involved with over the last twenty years, this is hands down the best business training I have attended at any price point, highly recommended.

Steve Birks, BizDash Systems Ltd.
Providing managers with custom-made business dashboards,
and Visual Management Operating Systems

Start, Grow, Scale

Start with Confidence

  • Quickly add new clients in the first 90-days
  • Follow Fast Track lessons to confidently complete Business Builder projects¬†¬†
  • Learn basic to advanced Generative AI prompts (no code) as you complete Fast Track lessons
  • Complete Business Builder projects that are the foundation for a successful business
  • Leverage feedback from your cohort, the Master's Community, and your coach

Grow with Proven Strategies and Systems

Grow rapidly and confidently using proven strategies, tactics, and AI-powered systems. Days of work are reduced to a few hours.

  • Learn in 8 weeks what takes 3 to 5 years on your own
  • Build marketing and sales processes that quickly capture, engage, and close clients
  • Leapfrog competitors by using AI systems to accelerate marketing, sales, and consulting product deliverables
  • Learn Gen AI prompt engineering and be "The Expert" in your niche

Invest in Your Future

Start Building Now!

I highly recommend the course to anyone who wants to
grow their consulting business.

Sheella Mierson, PhD Biophysics
Founding Member, The Sociocracy Consulting Group
Partner, Blueprint of We California

Transform Your Life

  • Learn in 8 weeks what takes others 3 to 5 years to learn on their own
  • Get clients within 90 days of starting the course
  • Customize Business Builder projects you will use for years¬†
  • Know your perfect fee and the best business model
  • Eliminate the Feast-or-Famine cycle

Accelerate Your Consulting Growth

  • Don't depend on referrals that dry up - build a Client Getting System.
  • Save 30% of each week's time with automated marketing and lead gen¬†
  • Use the 12-step sales process to win high-value sales
  • Reduce your workload with our Consulting AI-Prompt Archive for 2X to 3X productivity
  • Build multiple streams of income¬†that pay you 7 X 24 X 365

Don't Waste 3 to 5 Years -
Fill Your Client Pipeline Now!

Life is too short, and your family's income is too precious to spend 3 to 5 years learning to build a consulting business on your own.

Learn the strategies, tactics, and systems that power a highly successful consulting business.


In my first three years of consulting, I earned half my corporate salary. It took that long to begin learning what works. 

A few years later, I was ecstatic as I reported $983,000 in income to the US Internal Revenue Service (Federal taxes). I learned the strategies, tactics, and skills Critical to  Success as an independent professional.

Don't waste time and energy. Use the courses and free tools in Critical to Success to accelerate your consulting.

Ron's Critical to Success course has totally changed my life.
I'm not kidding!

John Lamy 
Management Consultant, Southern Oregon
Lamy Consulting

Master the Difference Between 
Average and High-Income Consultants

Join the ranks of high-earning independent professionals.

Often, it's just a few things that separate the average from the great. This chart shows that the average self-employed person in the US earned $47,200. In that same time frame almost 3 million self-employed people earned more than $100,000. And 300,000 earned between $500,000 and $2,500,000.

Chart, Pofeldt, E. (2018), "The Million-Dollar, One-Person Business"

You can learn and put to use what makes the difference between average and high-income.

Grow My Consulting Business!

Start Growing!

Consultants Enjoy a Satisfying, Healthy,
and Independent Lifestyle

You might think that the "hard work" it takes to make high six- and seven-figure incomes while being independent would add  stress to your life. In fact, the opposite is true for those who know how to overcome the obstacles.

Successful consultants work less and enjoy their work more.
Being unsuccessful is what creates the most stress.

74% high-satisfaction from self-employed

High Satisfaction

74% of full-time self-employed independents reported they were very satisfied, the highest level reported in seven years.


65% said they chose to be self-employment. They were in control of their life and work.

70% Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

70% of full-time self-employed said that working independently was
better for their health.

MBO Partners, "State of Independents Reports", 2017

Get the Consulting Strategies, Tactics, and
AI-Powered Systems You Need for Success!

Fast Track Modules
Fast Tracks guide you with one to two hours of work in each weekly stage to build and validate your business model. Use step-by-step guidance, videos, and robust, no-code AI prompts to quickly complete your work.

Gen AI Prompts 
Gen AI Prompts throughout the courses not only teach you how to master powerful, no-code Gen AI tools, they also give you 2X to 3X productivity improvement in marketing, sales, and deliverables.

Mastery Modules
Mastery Models in each stage give you deeper details on advanced tactics and tools after you complete the Fast Track for a module.

Business Builder Projects
Business Builder Projects in each stage help you build business systems you will continue to use throughout your career. Example projects generate Lead Gen Materials, Personalized Email Sequences, Sales Scripts, Proposal Generators, and much more.

Video Tutorials, Workbooks, Templates, Checklists, and Scripts 
Step-by-step learning keeps you on track with confidence. Move along quickly in your learning and business building. Some scripts and templates take years to develop. Save those years by starting with ours. 

Live Weekly Group Sessions
Connect with your group and coach in live weekly sessions. It can get lonely as a solo consultant, but this is where we can share ideas and partner.

Personal Coaching
You have a Unique Value Proposition and niche, so some of your questions are confidential. Your coach, Ron Person,  and his 30+ years consulting experience is there for one-on-one coaching to help you define your business model and grow your business.

Fast Track Modules

Fast Track Modules

Fast Tracks guide you with one to two hours of work in each weekly stage to build and validate your business foundation. 



Don't go it alone. Get personal coaching with Ron - 30+ years consulting and more than 3 million book copies in print. 

Mastery Modules Toolkits

Mastery Modules

Mastery Modules contain advanced tactics and tools to help you master advanced tactics for building your business.

Live Weekly Office Hours

Weekly Office Hours

Live Weekly Office Hours give you feedback and answers on your Business Builder projects and consulting.

Consulting Community

Consulting Community

You can feel isolated as an independent consultant. Exchange great ideas and share with the community. 

Stay at the top with micro-courses on skills, tools, and best-practices.

Business Builders

Business Builder Projects at each stage create your business foundation. Start them here and use them throughout your career.

Scripts and Templates

Use Gen AI with proven email, LinkedIn, and Discovery Session templates. Use AI to create winning proposals.

Learning Events


Interactive workbooks guide you step-by-step as you record your ideas and build your tactics and systems.

Flow Charts

Flow Charts

Know where you are and where you are going in your learning and building with flow charts that guide you in best practices. 

Scripts and Templates


Get lifetime access to your course and the AI-Prompt Archive. Access previous office hours, interviews, and more.

SOPs and Checklists

SOPs and Check Lists

Standard Operating Procedures and check lists keep you and your clients on track with best practices.

Any Mobile Device

Any Device

Need guidance while on the go? Get access to courses, assets, and community with your smartphone or tablet.

Ron Person has brought a lifetime of successful consulting to his Critical to Success course. I can’t say enough good things about him and his work.

Leslie Lawton
Copywriter, Content Marketing Strategist
Connected Communications

Consulting Mastery Modules

Our keystone course is Consulting Mastery. The Consulting Mastery course contains all the critical elements you need to build a highly successful consulting business.

At each stage in Consulting Mastery you use Fast Track modules to quickly learn the most important concepts, Business Builder Projects to build your business systems, and Mastery modules for advanced topics. 

1. Finding Your
Perfect Niche

Creating a high-income, professionally rewarding business is easier and more profitable when you find, validate, and match the needs of your perfect niche.

Use AI-power to identify needs, goals, and objections within a niche. Learn how to create your unique service proposition.

2. Finding Your
Ideal Client

Identify your ideal client, know their needs, pains, and goals and be able to communicate with them so they know you are the professional they need.

Learn the secrets of the best industry tools to build a target list of the exact clients who need and value you.

Promoting Your Services

3. Promoting Your 
Professional Brand

Use a professional branding framework that quickly creates the "Know, Like, and Trust" that is critical for consulting and professional services.

Create your professional brand and keep at the top of your client's mind using our high-performance AI-systems. 

Getting Prospects Quickly

4. Building Your
Client List

Identify channels that work best for you and your client outreach, then build AI-powered systems that quickly fill your leads list and turn prospects into clients. 

Use AI-powered marketing that turns days of work into hours.

Calculating and Setting Consulting Fees

5. Calculating
Consulting Fees

Break away from hourly fees to higher profits with one of the nine fee and business models for consulting and professional services.

Discover the latest fees for your region, niche, and expert level.

Selling Your Consulting Services

6. Selling
Consulting Services

Become a master at the highly effective 12-step sales process that takes you and the client from first contact to close. Whether simple or high-value and complex, this works.

Practice your sales conversations with our AI-powered mentor. 

Writing Retainers and Proposals

7. Writing Winning   Proposals

Winning proposals and retainers becomes easy when you give our AI-powered proposal system your consulting notes.

With the AI proposal system you just choose a template, then upload your notes and estimates into the AI generator and the system creates a winning draft.


Automating Marketing and Backoffice

8. Increase Operational Performance

Increase professional productivity and performance. Do back office work and draft client deliverables using advanced AI prompts from the extensive library.

Save days of research and writing with AI-drafted Consultative Frameworks like SWOT, Five Forces, etc.

Creating Multiple Streams of Income

9. Scale with Multiple Streams of Income

Put your expertise to work at all hours and in multiple channels.

Working by the hour or project limits you. Learn how to productize your expertise. Leverage your expertise into multiple income streams with proprietary niche ChatBots, Kindle books, online courses, and more.

Build My Consulting!

Start Building!

Who Is Your Teacher and Mentor?

I want you to quickly gain the income, independence, and recognition you deserve.

Don't spend 3 to 5 years learning the lessons it takes to succeed at consulting. Use proven strategies, tactics, and AI-powered systems to build a highly successful consulting business. 

I was a solo consultant for 30+ years. And I know you don't have to go through those tough first years.

The strategies, tactics, and AI powered systems in Critical to Success combined with weekly group sessions and personal one-on-one coaching will jump your consulting business to the next level.

The Consulting Mastery and other Critical to Success courses contain the strategies and skills I've learned in a career that includes,


  • 30+ years consulting as an independent¬†in Microsoft technology, corporate strategy, and digital marketing strategy
  • One of Microsoft's first twelve independent consultants
  • Earning high¬†six- and seven-figure incomes
  • Teaching 1,000s of business and technical¬†professionals through consulting and University of California, Berkeley
  • Consulting and training with¬†Fortune 1000¬†and¬†Global 1000 clients¬†such as Microsoft, Arthur Andersen, Medtronic,¬† Mary Kay, Brookings Institution, AT&T, PG&E, and many more
  • Writing four international best-selling books¬†published by Macmillan and J Wiley with 3,000,000 copies sold
  • Two-years researching¬†the difference between average and high earning solo-professionals¬†

I will do my best to help you build a highly-successful independent consulting business.
- Ron