Unsolicited Testimonials

Balanced Scorecard and Operational Dashboards with Microsoft Excel

This is a fantastic resource…one of the best I’ve seen and will undoubtedly become my ‘go-to’ source when developing and displaying metrics on dashboards.
Brian Anderson

The book is excellent! I finished my first pass through it, yesterday evening, at home. I am going to make a second pass through it, but this time I will be taking notes. Your book is like a special movie that you enjoy rewatching. I hope to glean more information from it with each pass.
Gerald Wilson, Jr.

Thanks for writing such a great book! It balances the theory with real world practice so well.

I was working on my dashboard this weekend. It looks amazing so far. People at work are going to be blown away when they realize the power of a well-designed dynamic excel dashboard to condense so much information into such a small space.
Nick DiLeone

Your book is great. I have learned a lot from your book and have designed a few dashboards for my company.
Gautham Boppana
Corporate, consultant

I am delighted with your book; it is a real masterpiece and the perfect step-by-step guide to take operations performance to an excellence level.
Enrique González
Senior Line Manager
Sub-Surface Services

I would like to add also that your book has been really helpful for me, step by step guide , plus all the excel advance techniques, great amazing tools, I consider myself an Excel and Kaplan and Norton “addict” , for me your book is helpful and inspiring.
Luz Bonné
Business Development
Globe Union

I love your book Balanced Scorecards & Operation Dashboards with Excel. I have owned a lot of books that have come and gone, but yours has stuck around for the long haul.
Bill May
Torq Works

I have been so impressed by your book that it has fit into a business strategy under development. I create a tool to evaluate ambulatory care operations through an assessment of questions. The questions are messaged through a system I created to reveal quality challenges and gaps. The findings are perfect for the use of the Strategic Map, Tactical Action Plan and Balanced Score Card.
Raymond Crisp

I finished reading your book a few weeks ago. It was captivating reading – cover to cover. Almost like a gripping novel, it was very hard to put down.

The content is well balanced and just perfect. You touch on all the main aspects of a business which could benefit from scorecards and dashboards. The level of information is just right for someone to understand the concepts and start creating impressive charts and reports.

I am very pleased that I choose your book from the many others covering this subject. I look forward to reading more of your articles on your new website.
Anill Patel
Consultant and former GM and Financial Controller
United Kingdom

I’m currently using your book “Balanced Scorecards & Operational Dashboards with Microsoft Excel” in a course I’m teaching at Dallas Baptist University on Strategy Maps & Processes. I am promoting this book because I believe it provides hands-on applications that can be directly applied in today’s business environment. Students want to learn and improve personal skills and competencies, but organizations do not often provide them the resources they need. They require the expertise, but not the resources. Thank you for writing this book!

I so appreciate the work you are doing. You (and your books) are making a difference to our college students. Thank you in advance for your consideration.
Joanne Hix
Assistant Professor of Business
Dallas Baptist University

I´m working on developing operational dashboards for AXA Insurance Group here in Mexico City. My objective is to launch an application for the Executive Board, Vice-presidents, Directors and Managers for the Group Health Insurance.

I thank you for this great book.
Cesar Rodolfo Chavez Belmont
Product Manager
AXA Seguros

I must tell you that your book is an excellent read. In fact it’s like a checklist which one should carry while implementing balanced score card in any company.

We have started company called as Alitum Solutions(www.alitumsolutions.com) in the space of Business Performance Measurement for SME segment in India. Our vision is to build a product for the SME segment which can facilitate the implementation of BPM system in organization. We are not married to any specific BPM system like BSC per se but will evaluate the client and then suggest BPM system. We will be using some of the techniques of your book to develop BSC kind of system in an IT remote infrastructure company.
Nitin Singh Bhadauria

I have skimmed through the whole of your book and read some of the chapters in detail. I can only agree with everyone else that this is a fantastic book with many hard won and extremely valuable insights and experiences being shared by you!!

At the moment I am applying your dashboarding ideas and Excel techniques to building an operational dashboard for managing our company’s short-term financial planning needs. A small and very do-able project to start with, but very beneficial and one I previously did not even envisage doing until reading your book. Of course in time many bigger projects are now beginning to seem feasible…

Thanks and well done on a superb book!!
Mike Kohler
New Zealand

I recently bought the book ‘Balanced Scorecards and Operational Dashboard with Excel’ which I must confess is an extremely effective resource to me. I am currently tasked with developing a concept for a scorecard in my company that will be global in mandate.
Bare Udusegbe

I’m working on a Balanced Scorecard approach to Energy and Carbon Management with operational dashboard. The book is a great help, certainly #1 in my library of excel guides.
Richard Hipkiss
digitalenergyTM l carbon expresswayTM

I would like to congratulate you for the book which I found very useful. I work as a consultant in Mexico City for small companies and it has also been useful for a company I own.
Daniel Gonzalez, Consultor
Impulsa, aceleradora de negocios

I am enjoying your book tremendously and have found several interesting new ways of working with Excel.
Gary Dangerfield
United Kingdom

I just wanted to drop you a quick e-mail to congratulate you on your great book, it was a great guideline for us in improving our strategic planning.
Alex Robbio
VicePresident, Business Development
Belatrix Software Factory

I did buy your book from a local store in Dubai and I must say it is a very well written book. As a matter of fact this is the only book I have read on Strategy and Balance Scorecard with a fresh but nicely woven perspective.

The title of the book immediately caught my eye as I am currently in the process of creating my first BSC for my organisation. This is an excellent reference book that, especially for debutant BSCers (albeit with years of experience with using Excel nonetheless) such as myself, provides the why, what and hows of the BSC in addition to the who (can make it happen) and when.

For me the most valuable part of the book is that before launching into how to design the BSC in using Excel, the author first of all sets the context as to why creating the BSC is important and the resources you need (genuine stakeholder/senior management commitment/mission statements/vision statements/organisational plans, etc.) as the bare minimum on which to start the process. From there, it’s up to the reader to then make of it what they will.

The book has provided me with the not only the practical knowledge of how to use particular techniques, but also the theoretical underpinning in order to make whatever is included within our company’s BSC meaningful and purposeful.

Now when I talk to stakeholders about our BSC, the conversations have more meaning about what objectives we are trying to achieve and who owns which part of the process, as well as the confidence to question the most senior stakeholders what exactly is it they want in order to make sure that the efforts made to get the data (which may involve new processes and take time to produce) is worthwhile.

Further, the book is littered with words of wisdom and references to the creators of the BSC (Kaplan & Norton) and other management luminaries such as Peter Drucker.

All in all a very useful and interesting read and comes as highly recommended.
Marlon Small
United Kingdom
Amazon, UK review

I’m a Business Consultant and have been for the last 25 years or so; from working on different mining projects in south and central Africa, to more recently the Home Office in the UK.

For me one of the most common failings in organisations is not measuring the key parts of the operation; or measuring the wrong parts, or measuring but not reviewing. Even then, especially in the public sector, getting any corrective action taken is not a sure fire thing.

I was browsing through some Excel books on Amazon (looking primarily for something on Business Modeling – I bought Wayne Winston’s book), and came across yours on Balanced Scorecards. Anyway, I looked at the Table of Contents and then read the available pages online and was quite absorbed. I haven’t read through all of your book yet, rather I have dipped into different sections, but I can relate to so much of it and it is written in an engaging way (not dry and stuffy like some, that you end up just putting down and never picking up again). Loads of useful stuff for me – tips, tricks etc.
Richard Haywood
United Kingdom

I already knew how to do many of the things described in your book, but have not thought of using these techniques in the ways you use them. Some of your combination of techniques has opened my eyes to things I had not through about putting together before. In fact, I have already expanded on some of the combinations of techniques you use in your book with things I have done in other workbooks in the past. I’m having more fun putting this together than I can remember having in any of my previous engagements to build a combination of processes and dashboards to monitor them.

BTW, I am also impressed with the level of information and description you provide in your book about the process of building and measuring progress/success against an effective strategic plan. This is probably the best explanation of a solid process I’ve seen in all the years I’ve spent helping organizations of all sizes and types to build and execute an effective strategic plan.

Overall, the book is excellent.
Mark Hilden
Sr. Consultant
US Federal Agency and former Corporate CIO

Consulting Testimonials

We engaged Ron Person to assist us with our Balanced Score Card project and in this regard, Ron assisted us remotely to get the project launched, then he visited us in Perth for a period of 6 weeks where he facilitated intensive workshops.

His facilitation was superb and we achieved in that 6 weeks what would have normally taken many months. His style was comfortable and engaging yet he drove the agendas to achieve the desired outcomes.Suffice it to say, his contribution to our Balanced Score Card project has been significant and he was well regarded by all those attending the sessions. Ron remains engaged with us, now remotely to facilitate and assist us concluding the project and in the development of the dashboard reporting system.
John Frame
Chief Financial Officer
The Bethanie Group.
One of Western Australia’s Largest Healthcare Providers

I’ve had the opportunity to work with many consultants and facilitators in my career, and Ron Person goes right to the top of my list of the most effective. In fact, it’s not fair to Ron to refer to him as a facilitator, as he’s really more of a learned guide, humble educator, process cop and teammate. Most importantly, he added true value to our project. It’s an understatement to say that we never would have attained the results we did had it not been for Ron. I’ve referred him to colleagues at other companies and look forward to working with him again.
Peter Cohen
VP Marketing and Retail Strategy
West Coast Retail Construction Firm

Your guidance helped us through the sometimes difficult process of developing a strategic plan. Not only did we capture the widely diverse needs of our stakeholders, but we produced an executable plan in record time. We have a clear vision of what we will become and we know exactly what we must do to get there.

The ways in which you involved everyone, from citizen advocates to executives and then captured their inputs were excellent. Your process distilled a wide range of ideas into the precise strategic directions we need.

Some strategic planning processes are little more than pointless exercises that end up on a shelf. This plan is one we know how to execute.
One of California’s Largest Performing Arts Centers

The use of business concepts and their relevant applications to real managerial world is pivotal in Pepperdine’s Executive MBA Program. Our program’s participants value the kind of learning and subjects that are based on valid research and can offer proven business results.

Ron Person’s workshop on executing strategy and accelerating operational performance, effectively met their needs and the course objectives. We were all impressed by his mastery of the subject and his excellent presentation/teaching skills. He combined deep and broad knowledge of the subject and real world executive experience exemplifying what we most value in our EMBA program. We want to thank Ron for his presentation and the time he spent with us exploring the many real world applications of concepts that were presented. His innovative style was an added dimension which made the experience even more appealing and valuable. Ron’s work with us was rated as excellent. He has been given an open invitation to join us in our future classes and programs.
Kurt Motamedi, Ph.D., MBA, MSEE
Professor of Strategy and Leadership
Pepperdine University – Graduate School of Business

Ron Person delivered an excellent presentation to a virtual audience of project managers in a variety of industries. He presented a compelling case for the value of measuring sets of key performance indicators and presenting the data in easily understood dashboards. His presentation was well received, and in our brief poll with over a 30% response rate, 96% of the respondents said the topic was relevant to their work.
Douglas Arnstein
Director of Programs
Project Management Institute
Financial Services Specific Interest Group

Your presentation was valuable. The methods you showed us could easily increase supply chain and operations performance. Your use of the giant “sticky wall” and the interactive exercises was very refreshing. Everyone had to pay attention. They were all involved!
Silicon Valley APICS

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