Get 2.7MB of Excel Balanced Scorecard Dashboards, Templates, and Tutorials

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Book Cover Balanced Scorecards and Dashboards with Microsoft Excel

This book is usually #1 or #2 for Balanced Scorecards on Amazon and is often the top Excel dashboard book on Amazon.

Balanced Scorecards and Operational Dashboards with Microsoft Excel, 1st or 2nd Ed.

Many people who receive the Critical to Success newsletter also have a copy of one of my books,

The first part of the book is description and tutorial on how to lead executives through the process of creating a business strategy, identifying objectives to achieve success, and then identifying the metrics to measure key results.

The second part of the book gives detailed descriptions and tutorials on how to create management and operational dashboards using Excel charts, trends, comparison charts, Pivot Tables, Power Pivot, and more. 

The book goes through a LOT OF EXAMPLES and TUTORIALS on building dynamic Excel dashboards. In fact, the book includes about 2.6MB of Excel functions, dashboard examples and tutorials. Rather than type these examples, it is a lot more fun and much easier to download these examples and play experiment with them. 

Let me know if you need the 2.7 MB of Excel dashboard tutorial and sample files that go with the book. The tutorials that describe how to build the dashboards in the book. 

To get the sample files just email me at 

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