Create a Strategy Map in PowerPoint with this Template

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Strategy Maps are Essential. Create them in PowerPoint.

Strategy Maps are a visual diagram of the relationships between objectives in your strategy. It’s a tool every consultant working on strategy and execution must have in their toolkit.

You can modify this Strategy Map template in PowerPoint so everyone in your organization understands the most important objectives and their relationships. You can use it in PowerPoint presentations, PDFs to download, and in print.

PowerPoint works very well when you want to map a simple process or create a Strategy Map. This template is a complete Strategy Map that uses simple objects and connector lines that snap to corners and mid-points.

On the side of the PowerPoint slide I’ve left a couple of basic objects you can use to modify or add your own objects. Of course, you will want to modify this Strategy Map template with the objectives, titles, and connectors for your specific strategy.

PowerPoint objects at the side of the background make it easy to build new maps.

Although these objects have a very basic color it is easy to modify them. This map was created using PowerPoint 2007, but if you update to PowerPoint 2013 or PowerPoint 365 you can create some pretty glorious colors.

Don’t forget you can select multiple objects at a time and modify them all at once. Select multiple objects by dragging a rectangular selection area across them. Select multiple individual objects by holding down Ctrl as you click on an object. Continue holding the Ctrl key and right-click to format all the selected objects.

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