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Consulting marketplaces are online platforms connecting clients seeking consulting services with consultants who offer expertise in various fields.

They offer a wide array of expertise across different industries and domains. Here is a detailed overview of various consulting marketplaces, including their features, fees, and advantages and disadvantages for consultants.

While they offer a source of clients for consultants, there are distinct advantages and disadvantages to using a marketplace.

For new consultants who are just starting marketplaces offer a great place to validate their selection of industry and niche markets. For experienced consultants who have a good brand, authority, and are in a niche they offer easy access to clients, but at a cost.

Both new and experienced consultants should build their own client portfolios using the near- and long-term strategies and tactics we teach at Critical to Success. Two distinct advantages of building your own client portfolio and marketing/sales system are,Marketplaces charge 10% to 30% of the client’s fee. This comes out of your wallet. Is it worth the work to build your own near marketing and sales systems?

Marketplaces restrict your access to the client if you are not on a job under their contract. When you build your portfolio of clients, you have complete control and access to the client. This allows you to build stronger relationships and expand within the client to adjacent client needs and affiliates or referrals.

In the lists below you will discover 14 consulting marketplaces that serve the global market and an immense variety of niches.

Advantages of Using a Consulting Marketplace

Access to a Global Client Base with Diverse Needs 
Consulting marketplaces provide access to a global pool of potential clients, allowing consultants to expand their reach and find clients beyond their local area.

Diverse Opportunities
Consultants can find a variety of projects and clients, helping them diversify their experience and build a robust portfolio.

Validation of Your Niche
Consultants selecting a new niche can use the consulting marketplaces to see where their skills are in demand. You can create a spreadsheet and track the requests for your skills, the industries needing your skills, the company size, the pains and problems they need solving, and the words and language they use to describe their situation. (The last is useful in your marketing.)

Payment Security
Most platforms provide secure payment channels and ensure consultants are paid for their work.

Streamlined Marketing
These platforms handle marketing and client acquisition, that saves you time and effort in finding new clients.

Build Your Brand
Clients from a consulting marketplace are often global and may be larger and have a bigger brand than your current stable of clients. Adding a few large corporations to your client list can boost your brand.

Credibility and Trust
Reputable consulting marketplaces often vet their consultants, which can enhance a consultant's credibility and trustworthiness in clients' eyes.

Disadvantages of Using a Consulting Marketplace

Consulting marketplaces charge 10% to 30% of the project fee. That is a significant chunk that comes out of your earnings. Conversely, you can easily spend more than 30% of your time marketing as a new consultant. However, if you have the coaching and guidance to build and automate near- and long-term marketing and sales, you should be spending less than 20% of your time on marketing.

These platforms often have a large pool of consultants and freelancers. That means increased competition for clients and projects. The greater your experience and the narrower your niche, the greater your chance of getting a client. Conversely, if you have less experience and a broader niche you may face a lot of competition and fewer clients. Also, jobs that are more task based and do not need management-level advice will have more competition from freelancers at a lower fee.

Limited Control
Consultants have less control over their pricing, terms, and negotiation when using a marketplace. Most marketplaces maintain strict control over client relationships. This limits your ability to expand within the client or to use affiliate relationships.

Dependence on the Marketplace
Relying solely on a marketplace for clients can make consultants vulnerable to changes in platform policies or market dynamics. If you have built and automated your own near- and long-term marketing system, you can maintain control and can’t be pushed aside by the marketplace’s client managers.

Client Dependence
Consultants may become dependent on the marketplace for client acquisition, making it challenging to build your own client base and client relations. Marketplaces may change their business model, change fees, increase restrictions on client relations, and even lose clients.


The following list of 14 consulting marketplaces, in the United States and Internationally, will give you a good idea of the range of marketplaces and their offerings.

Specific fee information is not readily available on public domains, or they may vary based on individual contracts and negotiations. It’s best to visit each marketplace's official website or contact them directly for the most accurate and up-to-date fee structures.

United States Consulting Marketplaces


Upwork is a leading freelance marketplace offering a wide range of services, including consulting. It connects businesses with freelancers and agencies around the globe.

Types of Clients and Consultants
Upwork is suitable for all types of businesses and consultants, offering a diverse range of project scopes and budgets.

Freelancers on Upwork pay a service fee of 10% on all new contracts. Clients pay a 5% Client Marketplace Fee on all payments and a contract initiation fee of up to $9.95 per contract.

Link: Upwork



Catalant provides a platform for businesses to connect with top freelance consultants and experts.

Types of Clients and Consultants
Focuses on high-quality consultants and serves clients seeking elite talent.

Information about Catalant's fee structure is not readily available; it may vary based on project scope and consultant expertise.

Link: Catalant



Summary: MeasureMatch is a consulting marketplace that focuses on marketing, customer experience, and analytics.

Types of Clients and Consultants: Ideal for consultants specialized in these domains and businesses and are looking for clients who need expertise in marketing analytics and customer experience.

Fees: Fee structure specifics are not explicitly mentioned and may depend on the project and consultant.

Link: MeasureMatch



Zintro connects clients with experts and consultants in various fields for brief consultations, projects, and employment opportunities.

Types of Clients and Consultants:
Suitable for a broad range of industries and consulting needs.

Consultants pay a percentage of their earnings as a service fee, but exact rates are not specified.

Link: Zintro



Maven is a global network and marketplace of professionals and experts providing consulting services.

Types of Clients and Consultants:
Maven covers a vast range of industries and expertise areas.

Consultants pay a commission on their earnings, but specific rates are not detailed.

Link: Maven



DeepBench connects clients with experts for advice and project-based work in various fields.

Types of Clients and Consultants:
Ideal for consultants with niche expertise and clients seeking specialized knowledge.

Fee details are not publicly disclosed and may vary based on the consultant and project.

Link: DeepBench


Business Talent Group

Business Talent Group connects top independent professionals with leading companies for project-based work.

Types of Clients and Consultants:
Focuses on experienced professionals in business consulting.

The fee structure is not clearly specified and may depend on the project scope and consultant's experience.

Link: Business Talent Group


International Consulting Marketplaces


Guru is a global freelancing platform offering a wide range of services, including consulting.

Types of Clients and Consultants:
Suitable for various industries and consultant expertise levels.

Freelancers pay a service fee ranging from 5% to 9% based on their membership level.

Link: Guru



Freelancer is a large freelancing marketplace offering a variety of services, including consulting.

Types of Clients and Consultants:
Appropriate for all types of consultants and clients with diverse project requirements.

Freelancers pay a project fee or hourly fee, typically around 10%.

Link: Freelancer


Fiverr Pro

Fiverr Pro promotes themselves as picking the highest quality and most experienced freelancers and advisers to work with each client's corporate team. Fiverr Pro curates the match between client and consultant.

Types of Clients and Consultants:
Ideal for businesses seeking specialized consulting services from pre-screened applicants.

Membership is free. Fees are project based.

Link: Fiverr Pro



PeoplePerHour connects clients with freelance consultants for project-based work.

Types of Clients and Consultants:
Suitable for a variety of consulting services across different industries.

Freelancers pay a service fee that decreases with greater earnings, starting at 20% for earnings up to £250.

Link: PeoplePerHour



Workana is a freelance marketplace focusing on Latin America and Spain, offering consulting services among others.

Types of Clients and Consultants:
Ideal for consultants and clients in the Latin American and Spanish markets.

Freelancers pay a commission on their earnings, with rates varying based on the project.

Link: Workana



Malt is a European marketplace connecting freelancers, including consultants, with businesses.

Types of Clients and Consultants:
Suitable for European consultants and businesses seeking local expertise.

Specific fee details are not publicly disclosed.

Link: Malt



Nubelo is a freelance platform popular in the Spanish-speaking market, including consulting services.

Types of Clients and Consultants:
Ideal for Spanish-speaking consultants and clients.

Fee structure is not explicitly mentioned but involves a commission on earnings.

Link: Nubelo


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