Atomic Habits for Consultants:The Domino Effect

Have you ever lined up dominoes, tipped one over, and watched them fall in a cascade? Most of us have spent a rainy childhood afternoon building long chains of dominoes. The power of the Domino Effect is mesmerizing.

What if you could apply the chain-reaction power of the Domino Effect to your consulting business?

That first domino is what is Critical to Success for your consulting business. This is no longer kid's play - it's a secret weapon for successful consultants.

Atomic Habits for Consultants: Small Steps to Massive Growth

The Power of Consistent Improvements" from James Clear's "Atomic Habits" is a game changer for new consultants, experienced consultants, and consultants transitioning from corporate employment. 

Do small improvements make a difference?

While a 1% improvement might seem minor every week, the compounded effect over a year is substantial, about 67%. This can make the difference between a struggling consulting practice and a thriving one.

Atomic Habits for Consultants:
The Habit Loop

For new consultants, independent consultants, and professionals, understanding and applying "The Habit Loop" from James Clear's mega best-selling book, "Atomic Habits" is critical to success.

The Habit Loop is crucial for those aiming to start or grow their business, improve sales, boost income, and achieve greater independence and free time.

When you use a Habit Loop you create positive habits that drive success and eliminate negative habits that hinder progress.

The ONE Thing that Drives Success

The life of a consultant is a whirlwind of demands. The consultants who win are those who learn how to focus on The ONE Thing.  

The bestselling book, "The ONE Thing" by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan, explains how you can change your way of thinking and focus on The ONE Thing.  

Multi-tasking used to be a point of professional pride. We now know it distracts and spreads your energy. The ONE Thing shows you how to focus, your time and energy.